We all have that one friend in our group who just cannot seem to put on weight even if he eats an elephant…
This seems like a gift to other people who are normal but ask those who eat a lot but look as if they are the victim of malnutrition. This post is dedicated to those few lucky ones.?
Below are some points which they hear all the time-


Skinny Guy Problems


1.Endless nicknames-

This is the most basic point so I am writing it on the top. You are an easy target for many jokes. You must be familiar with punchlines like “it’s so windy today plz don’t go out”. You have many nicknames like – cigarette, bamboo stick, pole etc. The list is endless


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Things Vegetarian People get to hear
Anybody, somebody, everybody knows a way to get fat. They suggest you various tips and tricks and dietary options to get in shape but all the options don’t seem to work for you.

3. Unlucky one-

No matter how many calories loaded food to try, even if you drink 2 mugs of banana shake, eat lots of eggs and non-veg food like chicken, mutton…. nothing works on you

4. Assumptions to be weak-

It is by default assumed that you are weak and don’t have any strength. But the truth is that you can surpass anyone in matters of flexibility. You can even win arm wrestling competition

5. Ill fitting clothes-

You are not able to find a perfect fit. Either the tee is too loose or too short. Not the biggest brands have answers to this problem.Baggy denim is your savior coz well they hide your chicken legs ?

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6. Butt aches-

Another great skinny person problem is not being able to extend sitting hours. Sitting for long hours is not your thing because your posterior  lacks cushioning ?

7. No cuddling-

From childhood to your adulthood you hear a sentence persistently ” your bones are poking me”. You cannot even complain because you know the truth.


8.No bike suits you-

Owning a two-wheeler like a racing or a cruiser bike is not cool for you. It doesn’t go with your personality. Your ribs are literally visible through your tee if you drive it on a windy day

9. Uncomfortable social gatherings-

Going to any family function is a difficult task for you. You have to muster up the courage to face endless questions and suggestions.

10. No good picture-

Well due to obvious reasons. Due to your skinny posture, you are not able to find that perfect angle for that perfect picture. Even if by mistake you take a good picture there is that one comment to ruin it all.

11. Beard the saviour of a guy-

Without beard, you look like a “chusa aam” to be precise. For you beard is a savior, at least your face doesn’t look skinny ?


12.  Other stuff seems heavier-

Since your denims are hell loose, all other stuff like wallet, your phone seem to weigh you down.You can actually feel the burden.

13.  “How did you do this” look-

As it is not expected from you to be strong so if you do something other than what is expected you look like ‘Hercules’ to people.
If you lift a cylinder or other heavy material you start getting “how the hell did you do this look”.

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14. Advantages-

You are spared from many tasks which require physical strength. Phew! Finally an advantage

15. Pun intended-

Many weightlifters often say that they can do shoulder press by simply lifting you up


          16. Finding clothes


If you manage to find something fitting your waist then it is definite that its length would be short. Your trouser will hug your ankle.


          17. Going swimming is embarrassing


First of all you will find your costume in the kids section. Secondly, people will look at you like you are an alien imported from space and will tell you that you will float no matter what because you are weightless boy.


             18. People asking for favours


If they are on a crash diet and their mother packed their lunch people come to you asking to help them out in finishing their lunch because apparently you are immune to weight gain.


             19. Going to the gym is hilarious for some people


You will be the center of attention and people will look at you with eyes full of pity. The courage which you mustered up to go there gets shattered.


              20. You lose weight and its a nightmare

Even after those disgusting protein shakes, banana shakes, fried food and meat intake you weigh yourself and find out that you have lost 2 kgs.

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              21. You look super weird when you dance


Maybe it is because how your body looks when you dance. It is like a skeleton is disbalanced in the biology lab and is dancing.



              22. You are always cold

You have no fat hence the natural insulation is missing and you are always hiding underneath warm clothing.


               23. You look super funny with a watch


Forget about watched with a big dial you look funny with even a normal watch wrapped around your matchsticky wrist.


               24. You cannot practice Bollywood


Remember the songs where a girl comes running to a guy and he just lifts her up you can’t even imagine that. Even if you do no girl would trust you in this matter.


                25. You have trouble during love making sessions


No matter you are a skinny guy or a girl you probably would have guessed it what positions might make you uncomfortable.


Well, so these were some of the most common skinny guy problems out of the head. Do share this with your friends who can relate. Did we miss anything? Do let us know in the comment section below


  1. पतले होने में मुझे कोई प्रॉब्लम नहीं है खास करके जब तक कोई ज्यादा wight lifting का काम न आजाए बाकी में ज्यादा बीमार नहीं पड़ता उसी में ही खुश हूं लेकिन लोग के ताने सुनने पड़ते है बॉडी के बारे में तो लोग ही डिप्रेशन दे जाते है बाकी खुद को कभी नहीं लगता कि में पतला हूं


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