Every human being has an underlying want for sex. Sex is an integral part of human life, be it a physical need for pleasure or an act of recreation for having children. And been said that we encounter persons who have a fear of sex i.e. sexual phobias, who are unable to perform sex because they have a phobia of it; these sexual phobias could be present from the beginning or can develop as a result of an accident or trauma.

We are oblivious to these raging issues; we may not experience sexual phobias, but we should be aware of them since we never know when we can be of help to someone. So, whether you’re dealing with such concerns or just want to learn more, there’s a detailed list of sexual phobias below, so take a look.

Staggering Sexual Phobias


sexual phobias

As much as we consider sex to be common, and as much as we are astonished by the reality that a staggering number of people suffer from sexual phobias. When it comes to sex, few individuals are a little self-conscious and timid. However, if the thought of intimacy or intercourse makes you feel uncomfortable or panicked, you may have a sex phobia. This condition is known scientifically as ‘genophobia,’ ‘coitophobia,’ or ‘erotophobia.’ So, there you have it: –

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sexual phobias

Gymnophobia, or the phobia of nakedness, is particularly personal phobia. Even though they know their fear is irrational, sufferers of this phobia endure excessive anxiety. They may be concerned about being seen naked, seeing others naked, or both. 

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The unwarranted fear of sexual perversion is known as paraphobia. Even contemplating sexual perversion, let alone experiencing it, can cause a great deal of anxiety in someone with this condition.


Haphephobia is a fear of being touched that is extreme and inexplicable. People who suffer from haphephobia have a strong aversion to being touched. Physical symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, or panic attacks can occur as a result.




An extreme fear of pregnancy and childbirth is known as tocophobia. Tocophobia may have short- and long-term negative impacts on the mother and infant, according to growing data.




People who suffer from nosophobia have an irrational fear of contracting a certain disease. Disease phobia is a common name for this type of phobia. When significant health problems spread throughout your community, it’s natural to feel anxious. However, for people who suffer from nosophobia, this worry can be severe, disrupting their daily lives.



The fear of the opposite sex is known as heterophobia, and it is typically determined as the fear or resentment of heterosexuals. Heterophobia, or gay men’s fear of and avoidance of heterosexual males, has been linked to behavioral health outcomes and may contribute to social isolation and intergroup conflict.

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Philemaphobia / Philematophobia

The fear of kissing is known as philemaphobia or philematophobia. It’s typical among new and youthful kissers who are worried about making a mistake. The anxiety is usually mild to moderate in these circumstances, and it fades fast as the person acquires expertise.

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Caligynephobia / Venustraphobia

The clinical name for an extreme or unreasonable fear of beautiful women is caligynephobia. Caligynephobia can develop as a result of personal trauma or as part of a bigger problem, such as social anxiety disorder. Routine social encounters can be difficult and distressing for people with certain fears.


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The fear of having wet dreams is known as oneirogmophobia. This fear is commonly prompted by the guilt and inconvenience of having wet pants after waking up, despite the fact that it is semen, not urine. Because wet dreams are most common in that age group, this phobia is most common in adolescent guys.



The entirely irrational fear of menstruation is known as menophobia. Menophobia can affect both men and women because it is a psychological rather than a biological condition. Menstruation may appear “filthy” to someone who suffers from menophobia, despite the fact that it is a normal element of human biology. It’s possible that an irrational phobia of menstruation stems from a lack of understanding of physiology and the benefits of menstruation.


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