Erotic novels? We all really enjoy these but have a hard time finding the one as per our liking. Do you know what the best way to enjoy your carnal desires?

Of course after having a first-hand experience of doing it and watching it?

Reading about it.

Erotic novels or steamy romance novels are you can call them. This genre has become quite popular in the past few years and right from the ancient Kamasutra till the Fifty Shades of Grey, to date the concept of reading erotica has picked up and how. Initially, it was not the talk of the town and was mostly a book put under the pillow and inside the cupboard.

Since E.L. James decided to give a whole new version of expressing erotic desires into words, the popularity of erotic novels has just gone up.

Speaking of Fifty Shades, the trilogy has not just done immensely well with the books but also the film versions will blow your mind if you have soaked in from page to page, you are very well aware of what you are getting into.

The whole story revolved around BDSM, a disturbed yet sizzling hot millionaire Mr. Grey and a naïve girl next door Anaesthesia. In no time, the book found its way towards the shelves of guilty pleasures for people of various age groups.

One bad thing that Fifty Shades did was left the readers hanging and desiring for more after the trilogy and even though E.L. James is yet to launch another erotica; you can channelize your waking desires towards this 8 other erotica.

These books will not only make it to a good read but also holds a strong storyline and will make you cling your toes. The other sensual and steamy parts will make you sweat profusely as well. Before giving all of these erotic novels a shot of reading, you might want to keep a few tissues ready, just saying.

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Erotic Novels You can Read If you have Read Fifty Shades Trilogy

1. Bared to You

Sylvia Day Bared to You

Sylvia Day has always written books that topped the chart in the New York Times. The four-book series of Bared to You also helped her grab one of the best-selling author’s title. Not just a sexually pleasing book, the series of Bared to you carries out an emotional roller coaster of two individual with dark past and buried secrets. Both of them meet each other at work and soon enough indulge in a complicated physical relationship that gradually digs out many old secrets in both their lives.

2. Surrender


Surrender is again a four-book series written by Melody Anne which has a dramatic start where Arianna the female lead’s mother met with an accident. Post the accident, the story revolves around Ari’s struggle of keeping her mother alive and trying hard to manage funds for the same. Amidst the struggle, Ari bumps into a job of a mistress for a rick man Rafaello Palazzo.

The businessman who is looking for a pretty mistress to fill the void of his wife who left him without any explanation. The story unfolds as Ari finally decides to take the job and their lives intertwine with each other following a lot of sex.


3. One Night: Promised

One Night Promised

The trilogy of one night starts with a mystery man who calls himself “M” who leaves a note that said he wanted to have just one night of meaningless sex with the girl. The napkin was meant for a barista name Lily who should have been furious in getting it.

But the twist in the story follows when she decided to abide the note and gets into this mysterious life of a man whose sexual desires are way beyond the girl’s imagination.

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4. Call Me By Your Name

Call me by your name

Call me by your name is an absolute masterpiece that talks about love, lust, attraction and all beautiful emotions that follow. The love story of two young men Elio and Oliver that course through a different phase of time.

One after the moves are made, memories are made and revelations are told. Their relationship goes through the test of time and sensual urge of obsessive and compassionate love. This book has also been adapted to motion picture with the same name. This movie has done so well and has gotten great reviews from audience and critics.


5. A Million Dirty Secrets

A Million Dirty Secret

It began as a Twilight fan fiction where an innocent girl sacrifices herself by keeping the welfare of her family on the top of her priority to a wealthy man.

The relationship strictly begins as a physical no-nonsense one with wild and rough intimate scenes and eventually, the duo ends up falling in love. If you have one of those hopeless romantic days where your carnal desires are at the peak, read this one. Definitely one of the best erotic novels out there in the market today.


6. The Siren

The Siren

This book is the story of an author who specializes in writing erotic novels. The steamy chemistry between the author and her editor catches another notch once he starts giving her private writing sessions to work on her book. The session soon changes into a rather private and sweltering session of sexual acts. The desires of an author are broken down crystal clear in the book and give a wholesome pleasurable read throughout.

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7. The Dark Garden

the dark garden

Another BDSM fiction if you have loved Fifty Shades. The book recites a story of a beautiful mistress of a BDSM club who ends up falling in love with one of her clients. The best part about the story is none of them is willing to be submissive. The act naturally leads to the thrust of control and toxic relationship. The book will keep you on the edge of your seat all the time.


8. Inside Out Series

Inside Out Series

If you are looking to take a break from the mainstream BDSM and hardcore loves stories and want to enjoy something light yet passionate, this is the book for you. It talks about a simple girl named Sara who gets allured and obsessed towards a mystery girl.

Meanwhile, she also gets attracted to another artist that she meets randomly. The book turns out to be very interesting, hot and most importantly funny by the second half. This is among the steamiest and hottest books.


9. Bad Behavior

Erotic steamy novel

A Great masterpiece by Mary Gaitskill. This is the collection of stories which revolves around sex, obsession, bondage and more. Not only this book gives a prospect of new-age erotica novels, but also satisfy you with ever so engaging stories.


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10. Couples

Erotic Novels

Written by John Updike, Couples revolves around adventures friends from Massachusetts. There is drama, confusion, and sex. If you have read the Fifty shades of grey you are surely gonna love this one.

Now that you have a whole bunch of great erotic novels to choose from. You can get ready to spend some me-time your steamy book.



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