stranger things season 1 quiz

Stranger Things Season 1 Trivia Quiz

Did you recently binge-watched the season 3 of Stranger Things and now consider yourself the member of the cool Hawkins squad that casually fight aliens and secret government officials? Well, it is time to see how acceptable you are in the nerd group. Duffer brothers introduced to us this third world concept to us a few years ago and since then every time someone says the number 11, we refuse to think about the number 11.

Now that the third season is breaking Netflix streaming records, everyone seems to own up to the level of calling themselves a Stranger Things nerd. Let’s find out who the real stranger things fans are. Take this trivia quiz to test your knowledge about the first season. We shall see if you live up to the name!


Which board game do the boys play at the beginning of the show?

stranger-things-board games
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What is the password to enter will’s fort house?

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What does eleven eat?

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What was the name of the last episode of season 1?

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How does will communicate with Joyce from the upside down?

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What is demogorgron attracted by?

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Who does Eleven refers “Papa” to?

Eleven papa
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What was the name of the science professor?

stranger things professor
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What is steve’s last name in the series

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Hopper’s first daughter died of which disease

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Stranger Things Season 1 Quiz
Uh-Oh! You might need to consider watching the first season all over again.

Not bad! You are no Ghostbuster though.

Wow. Welcome to the family of Nerds.


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