The much-awaited latest season of Stranger things recently released and won everybody’s heart yet again. However, with this season, everything was bigger and better, along with our kids, who were not so little anymore. The season involved relationships, Russian intelligence, teenage drama, a lot of science, redefined mind flayer, digging some old graves, some tear-jerking moments and the same old little Hawkins town. Now that the third season is making rounds on Netflix streaming records, let’s see how much of a Stranger thing fans are you?

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Take up this season’s trivia quiz and find out for yourself whether you lie in the category of nerd or a DINGUS!

Stranger Things Season 3 Trivia Quiz

Stranger Things Season 3 Quiz

What is the name of the Chapter 1 in the 3rd season?
What is the Planck’s constant?
What slurpee did Alexei want at Murray’s house?
What was the name of the missing lifeguard?
Mrs. Wheeler is the mother of?
Where is the source of Mind Flayer?
What are the things that doesn’t happen when Mind Flayer is around?
How many inches did Hopper ask Leven to leave the door at?
What is the name of the Mall?
What name did hopper refer to alexie as?
Stranger Things Season 3 Quiz
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Season 4 is also coming next year and this time they are not in Hawkins. You can check the latest teaser here.

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