Superstitious Things Established
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Superstitious Things Established By The World That We Heard & Believed as Kids

The most innocent and pure heart is of a child. The things they learn from their elders stay with them for the rest of their life. But there are some lies made up and told by people(these are in India) to avoid their questions or curiosity. Here are some Superstitious Things believed by kids. Take a look-


1. If your head hits someone’s head once , a black dog will bite you.

So to neutralise it bang it once more.

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Like seriously 😒. That dog is keeping a record or what?


2. Cross your fingers to stop something bad from happening


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Bad things happen to me all the time, am I supposed to keep them crossed for eternity!!😂


3. Time for trip if your slippers overlap


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If this is the case then I will do it intentionally
Plus you need money to go on a trip not overlapping slippers


4. Tooth fairy converts your teeth to a gold coin


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If it happened nobody would have been poor.


5. Something bad will happen if a black cat crossed your way


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Come on! Where is the logic?? Blaming an adorable animal for anything and why BLACK CAT only. Sorry “black” kitty. Racism is still here


6. If your slippers overturn then you will be beaten up


Superstitious Things
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According to this, we should be loved every second when they are placed normally.


7. Your eyelashes = wish coming true


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None of mine came true. This is tried and tested.

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8. Keeping someone’s handkerchief initiates fight


Superstitious Things
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And all these years I thought that you need a reason to fight.


9. Running with scissors is dangerous But using them empty is even more.


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one more saying to stop the fight that playing with them empty causes tiffs. Whoever came up with these ideas was the one with no brain.


These are some myths we were all forced to believe at some point or another. Everything sounds stupid now, doesn’t it? We should be glad that we grew up 😉

Tell us some more Superstitious Things believed by kids if you have more to add.

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