Tallest in the group

Tallest in the group? We understand

Being the tallest person in a room is definitely overwhelming for you as well as for others. Tall people hear many things in day to day life and they learn to live with that and embrace the gift.

The list of some commonly said things are below-



1. Variety of nicknames-

The most obvious one. You might be referred as the “khamba”, “camel”, “rakshas”, “tower”, “hulk”, and many more. The list is endless.


2. Treated as a stand-

As the tallest one, it is your responsibility to take down the stuff lying at the top of the cabinet. Your mum might call you whenever she is cleaning the kitchen, coz easy access.


3. Photos are a task-

Either you are supposed to fold your knees in the process or sit down while your short friends are standing. Most difficult task EVER.


4. You are the selfie stick-

Tallest in the group

Pretty obvious !! As the tallest person, it’s your duty to do the honors if being a selfie stick. This makes your pictures look weird while everyone looks on point.


5. Jokes-

People say things like- “Oye stand up carefully, you might touch the ceiling”. You must’ve grown used to such things


6. Good in sports-

Tallest in the group

People assume that you must be good at basketball and volleyball. You will overtake everyone in the race just coz you have long legs. No dude! This doesn’t happen. Practice is the key


7. Matchmaking aunties face problems-

Tallest in the group

As soon as you visit any family or neighborhood function aunties flood you with questions like- ‘how tall are you?’ ‘How will you manage to find a guy so tall(if you are a girl)?’
‘You must feel very good being so tall?’
Yes, I feel good all the time not particularly for this, but thanx!


8. You are the last bencher-

Yes! The biggest problem we faced in school or tuitions. It was cool on normal days where you were asked to sit at the end but when some interesting workshops were being held and projector was used you felt unlucky


9. Visiting a crowdy place-


No problemo!
If you lose your “short” friends in the crowd it’s easy for them to spot you or you can find any shop from a distance. Advantage yiee 😂


10. Complaints-


We often hear short people complain that they feel shorter standing next to us. It gets worse if the boys are shorter than the girls. Seriously! It’s in your head, don’t bother.


11. Car Rides-


If you are driving the car its okay, but God forbid if you had to sit in the back seat. The hell begins, There is not enough leg room while your neck is permanently bent. Being tallest in the group certainly has its charms.


12. Big Game-


If you are Tallest in the group, you will understand this. How tall exactly are you? let’s see. How big are your hands? What size of shoes do you wear? and so on. This is a never-ending question-answer game.


13. Your Friends can’t keep up with you.-


Tallest in the group

In jogging or plain walking. Your friends cant keep up. Tallest in the group, this struggle is real.

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