Can you imagine your life without friends? There won’t be anyone to share your secrets with, nobody is going to be there to make fun of you, nobody will tease you in front of your crush and most importantly there will be no one to have new experiences with.
It is your friends that make your life great. Isn’t it great when we find someone who is the same level of crazy and weird?
Friends are your extended family and have your back in every situation.
Even TV shows and movies gave us some amazing friendship stories with some major friendship goals. It happened to us that after watching these we missed our best buddy and rushed to give them a call.
This friendship day we are writing this post to all those friendships which made us go “awww” at some point. Given below are some epic friendship goals kind of compilation –

Friendship Goals from TV & Films


1. Chandler and Joey


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On the top of our list is this pair of “FRIENDS”. The most famous comedy show ever with the most talked about friendship between these two. They sure did the bromance and were best roommates ever. Their fallouts didn’t last for more than an episode. Chandler and Joey surely valued their friendship more than small issues. Plus those bear hugs ?

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2. Lily and Robin


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Lily-I hated you when I first met you, Robin’
Robin- awwwww…U hated me.
This is the honesty level of their friendship. They come out and speak the truth and don’t want to be away from each other. Do we need to say more? Girls can be bff.


3. Ted and Barney


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The inventor and follower of BRO-CODE.
How Barney breaks the bro code and craves for Ted’s forgiveness. Yes, he had to get hit by a bus to make Ted cry. But they really are best friends at the end of the day. Being happy for each other is what friendship is all about.


4. Jai and Veeru

Friendship Goals

The most talked about friendship of B-town.
One speaks way too much and the other one handles his childish nature. They tell us that it’s not about saying every day that you are my brother but when the time comes, one takes a bullet for another happily. Be a Jai to your Veeru.


5. Amar and Prem

Friendship goals andaz apna apna

Yet another Bollywood friendship. Both keep pulling each other’s leg and play pranks on one another. Teasing in front of your crush and other endless practical jokes. In the end, they tackle their problems together.

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6. Rancho, Raju and Farhan

Modern day friendship trio of Bollywood.
When three friends sit together-one on them ends up crying due to constant leg pulling by the other two . They support each other’s dream and extend helping hand in every situation. Finding your friend desperately just to beat him up was both adorable and funny.

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7. Dr. Watson and Sherlock


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Although Sherlock Holmes is a beloved character he has a narcissistic personality, he deeply cared about well being of Dr. Watson.

If you have watched the movies or the show, you can appreciate their friendship. Not only they challenge each other but they also learn a lot from each other.


8. Penny and Sheldon


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This may be an unusual entry to this post. But if you are TBBT fan you can understand. The bond Penny and Sheldon have are really beautiful. Sheldon can really open up about his feelings with Penny. And they both find answers to their problems whenever they discuss it with each other.

Friendship isn’t always about being same. It is also about finding common ground even if you are very different.


9. Steve and Bucky


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In the Marvel Comic Universe, this is certainly a beautiful friendship. Not only Steve goes to lengths to save his friend but also makes new enemies in order to save his friend. We all have that one friend who we grew up with and the one who understands us the most. Steve and Barnes bond certainly show us that.


10. Damon and Alaric


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The Vampire Diaries has many fans and it was one of my favorite shows. It portrays many aspects of life beautifully and friendship is one of them.

The show has also portrayed Damon and Rick’s friendship beautifully. The time he dies and Damon goes to his grave and has a heart to heart conversation was really touching.


And the moment he came back and they had  that drink was also beautiful. Some friendships are beyond this world and this is certainly one of them.

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11. Jon & Sam


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Game of Thrones has many strong characters and bonds. In the forte of Friendship, Jon and Sam’s friendship is really amazing. He was the one who convinced him to do the right thing. Sam has always been that friend who gives the best advice. He supports Jon to become the Commander of the Night’s Watch. There are many instances where Sam helped and encouraged Jon to make the best decision.

I am sure there are thousands of on-screen friendships that could be featured but these are my personal favorite. Such friendship goals! Do let us know about your favorite Bros on the television in the comment section below. Also share this article with your friend and let them guess which pair are you?



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