Which character from The Big Bang Theory are you? Do you have a drinking problem? Because then you’re definitely Penny. Or do you get peace in arranging things in sequential order at your own spot? That makes you a Sheldon. Do you binge-watch adult stuff and still live with your mother? Then you’re definitely Howard. When the opposite sex approaches you, do you always end up uttering something, weird, creepy, and awkward? It makes you a typical Rajesh.

Well, the best way to find which The Big Bang Theory character you’re is to take this personality quiz:


Who is your favorite Star Trek character?

How would you describe your mother?

When faced with a tough problem, how do you find a solution?

How are you in relationships?

Time to layer up, what will you choose?

Which of these animals is your favorite?

How would you describe your driving skills?

When life throws you a curve ball, how do you react?

You're at a party. What will you be doing?

What would you invent?

What do you like to do in your free time?

What's more important to you?

The Big Bang Theory Personality Quiz
You're just like Penny!

You're easy-going and good-hearted. You are proud of your social skills, vast knowledge of popular culture, and generally positive outlook. You have a bit of a temper as well, mostly brought out when you feel intimidated or put down.
You're a Sheldon!

You are highly intelligent but tend to display childish qualities, such as extreme stubbornness, meanness, and a lack of common sense.
You're just like Leonard Hofstadter!

You're more socially adept than your equally brilliant friends. You're very easy to get along with, and unlike some of your smart friends, you are able to empathize with others. Still, you sometimes just can't help but lean into your nerdy characteristics, even embellishing them at times for comedic effect.
You're definitely Howard!

You desperately want to be accepted by the opposite sex. Somewhat stereotypically, you still live with your mother who constantly gives you guilt. You try to follow your culture to satisfy her, but when not in her presence makes no attempts to keep kosher.
You're a typical Rajesh!

You are sensitive, kind, and caring. You're empathetic, patient, and a good listener. You're not prone to outbursts of anger or sarcasm.
You're an Amy Farrah Fowler!

You seem quite emotionless and forward speaking but once someone gets to know you, they see a new (more fun) side of yours, where you become a far more friendly, loving, and caring person.
You're a Bernadette Rostenkowski!

You're intellectual, resourceful, feminine, and competitive. You never feel helpless in any situation. You're not much of a fan of cooperating with others.

If you still haven’t watched The Big bang Theory, you can always start watching it on Netflix. You can also check which Friends character you’re like by clicking here.


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