Hey guys, we are back again with the Lord of the Rings: The two towers quiz after publishing the Fellowship of the ring quiz. The movie came long ago but the fan following is still loyal to the series and we decided to make a quiz for the same. Take this quiz to find out how much you remember from the Trilogy


LOTR 2 Quiz

Who is the secret master of Fanghorn?
What is the name of Gandalf's horse?
Who is the king of Mark?
What item do Aragorn and others discover which make sure that the hobbits are alive?
Who was the leader of the orcs of Isengard
Which city do the Ents attack?
Who does Aragorn toss?
Who recaptures Osgiliath
How old is Aragorn?
How many orcs march towards Helm's deep?
At the battle of Helm's deep, how many kills did Gimli get?
What is the name of the horse that takes Aragorn to Helm's deep?
LOTR 2 Quiz
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