Game of Thrones is not a show it is a religion. I have said it many times but people who have watched the show would truly understand my emotions while I pen this line down. Only 3 days are left for Season 8 and we just can’t keep calm. In the previous post, we told you about all the fan theories revolving around the show if you have missed that then I will attach a link at the end of the post and you guys can increase your knowledge by reading that. So, without wasting any more precious time of yours we bring you the Ultimate Game of Thrones season 5 Quiz. Check it out-



Game of Thrones Season 5 Quiz

Who does Jon name the Lord Commander before leaving Night's Watch?
How many times does Jon gets stabbed by the brothers of the Night's Watch?
Where did the Whitewalkers attack the Wildlings with their army of the dead?
Who kills Ygritte when wildlings attack the Castle Black?
Who tells the High Sparrow about Cersei's truth?
Which of the characters is not dead in Season 5?
After arriving in Braavos Arya waits outside a building. What is its name?
Jon is elected as Lord Commander. Which number is he?
Tyrion spots the dragon for the first time in?
Where does Brienne asks Sansa to light a candle in case she needs help?
Why is Meryn Trant on Arya's list of people she wants to kill?
Game of Thrones Season 5 Quiz
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  2. Hi Bhawna,
    The entertainment industry has strived to keep viewers engage with captivating movie series such as the game of thrones. The movie has become the talk of the town with every motion picture lover discussing and speculating the end result. Thus, it’s nice to read your article on the subject as well.

  3. Hi Moss,

    Yes, it was one hell of a show and recently came to an end there was much hue and cry regarding the final season.
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  4. Hi Bhawna,

    I have seen all the seasons of episodes of the GOT and it is really tough to predict best show between GOT and Breaking Bad. Last season is not as per expectations. I hope your are also agree with me on this.


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