There are many things to do for a person in his free time but nothing can come close to the joy of reading a good book. Of course, you experience heartbreak as soon as you finish the last page and realize that the story that you were a part of is over. 

The books which I personally enjoy are the Series book. You have more pages to finish reading and it takes more time to unlock the mysteries and the icing on the cake is that you get to be a part of the story for a little bit longer. We have made a list of all the best series book in which you can indulge. Have a look at some of the best series books to read next



The Lord Of The Rings

Well, this one needs no introduction and is considered to be a source of inspiration for many writers in the fantasy genre. A movie series has also been made on this book and it proved to be a great success and won in all the categories in which it was nominated.

The story revolves around the power of a ring which is made to rule all the other rings. But the interesting thing is that this ring answers to its only one true evil master and is destined to go to him no matter who owns it for some time being.

You would definitely enjoy reading this one and would not want this to end. Also, you will realise that not all stories have a fulfilled and happy ending.

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Author: J. R. R Tolkien

The Hobbit

the lord of the rings and hobbit

Further extension of The Lord of the rings series. Isn’t it great? You get to read a series and you further get to read another series related to the previous one. Again the movie has been made on this one too and did quite well.

Author: J. R. R Tolkien

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The Broken Earth Series

Broken Earth Series

This trilogy is quite famous and the author won Hugo award for best novel for three consecutive years for this series. So, you can guess why it is so by reading this masterpiece by N.K Jemisin. again, this is a fantasy series, which story isn’t, right? You have to read it to find out what this one holds in store for you.

Author: N.K Jemisin

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The Night’s Dawn Trilogy

The Night's Dawn Trilogy

This book is a story which is explained with the help of three books and a different world is depicted in those. There is a depiction of human life and power in the 27th century in these books. This is for those who like to read stuff about advanced times. If you need a taste of that then read this book and you won’t be disappointed.

Author: Peter F. Hamilton

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The 50 Shades of Grey

50 shades of grey

This is for those who like to read erotic stuff. A perfect blend of romance with kinky stuff. The leads are a bit different people with a different preference. This will prove to be a good read and you ought to try this one. Not only for the erotic stuff but for the way it is written

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Author: E L James

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The Harry Potter Series

the harry potter series

The childhood dream of most of us. The books as well as the movies have created a huge impact and have a huge fan following worldwide. The constant thought of being sought in a house never left my mind while reading this masterpiece by Rowling. The book has all- muggles, magical flying creatures, trolls, etc. This is a must read if you like all things magic.

Author: J K Rowling

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The Song of Ice and Fire

the song of ice and fire

The most famous TV show of all times Game of Thrones is an adaption of this series by George R. R Martin. The show has recently ended and many are not happy with the end. But worry not there is still hope as the author is still to write the final books. This is a must read if you are interested in interesting and unpredictable twists. 

Author: George R. R. Martin

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The Hunger Games

the hunger games

This is a trilogy and is a young teen book which was well received by the audience and did good business. The story is of two people who participate in a game and are mentored by an ex-winner who is now consumed in alcoholism. If you think this is going to be another teen romance novel then let me tell you there is more to it. Much more. This book is well written with the proper depiction of emotions and is an amazing read.

Author: Suzanne Collins

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The Twilight Saga

The twilight saga

Do vampires and werewolves excite you? This will be loved by you. The story revolves around a shy girl Bella who has a werewolf best friend and a vampire boyfriend. there are many events which affect her life and the way she deals with this is written in this series. It has 5 parts and is worth ready if you are a sucker for old school romance.

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Author: Stephenie Meyer

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The Chronicles of Narnia 

The chronicles of narnia

This one has many parts and is going to get you hooked. The author has done a wonderful job of amalgamating fantasy with prophecies. The untouched and hidden world of Narnia is being explored by 4 kids and there are other magical creatures. Movies have also been made on this series and is a happy and thrilling read.

Author: C.S. Lewis

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The Wheel of Time Series

The wheel of times book

If you don’t want to separate from a series once it starts then this is just perfect for you. The series consists of 14 parts followed by a prequel novel and two companion books.

The interesting thing is that the author died while completing the 12th parts but wanted people to know the full story so he prepared notes in advance so that someone else could complete what he started.

Author: Robert Jordan

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Do enlighten us if you know other great series books in the comment section below as we cannot cover all.



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