The show is just setting a new bar in the sci-fi animated genre. It has great IMDb rating of 9.3. The show revolves around Rick who has returned after a long time to his daughter Beth but is disliked by her husband Jerry. Every episode has a different story which is really interesting. Rick goes on the adventure with his grandson Morty and runs many experiments on him and with him.

The show has many followers and if you are also a Rick and Morty fan then try taking this quiz and prove to us that you are not Jerry.

Ultimate Rick and Morty Quiz

The Rick and Morty Quiz

What is the name of Rick's two best friends?
What is the name of the park Rick builds inside a homeless man?
What was the name of species which makes up half of Morty's son?
Who is Morty's crush in his school?
After how long does Rick return to Beth?
What does 'wubaluba dub dub' means?
What is the name of giant who Rick and Morty get blamed for killing?
Which dimension is the show from?
What is Beth's favorite drink?
What was Jerry's most successful advertising pitch?
What does the wind whisper to Jerry?
How old is Morty?
The Rick and Morty Quiz
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