20 Things That We Do But Shouldn’t Do As Sensible Adults


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Life is full of unpredictable and undeniable twists and turns and that’s it’s beauty. As humans, we are blessed with ultimate thinking capability and do things keeping the future in mind. But, sometimes our actions are correlated to the situation we are in and we can’t help it and all our planning is flushed out in front of fate.
We all have been in situations where we think that it could have been easily avoided if we had done this. The possibilities for a given problem are endless but we knowingly choose something that we know is not going to end up well.
Here we have jotted down such things which are pretty common and almost all of us practice. Check it out-

Things One Shouldn’t Do


1. We start drinking with friends and think that we can handle 2 drinks more but you deep down know that this is not going to happen, your limit has not expanded in years. You will wake up with a severe headache and the whole night will be a blur. But, you drink it anyway.






2. You have to survive the rest of the month and probably pay many bills but you give in to the urge of buying something impulsively. Even though you know that you are gonna be broke after this.







3. A month before exams you know that you must start preparing if you want to get good grades but you postpone it till the last night. You knew from the starting that this is not going to go well with you.





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4. You know you have to be somewhere the next morning but hit that snooze button thinking 5 minutes more. Who were you kidding, right!







5. You are well aware of the fact that he is a playboy but still won’t give up on the idea of dating him and won’t give up daydreaming. You shouldn’t do it but you do it anyway.







6. Lying about something very silly and complicating things unnecessarily but in your head, you know that this lie will be uncovered soon and will blow up right in your face. But you gotta do what you gotta do.







7. Making your birthday a grand affair and inviting almost all of your friends(not so close friends too). You know this will burn a hole in your pocket and don’t say no to people and invite them over.







8. We shouldn’t take medicines every time we feel a little under the weather but most of us do this and weaken our immune system.







9. You know you are not supposed to be eating the junk food if you want to stay fit and shed some kilos, but DAMN! Those FRIES.








10. We all know that we must take 6 hours of sleep every night but we start a new series or think about watching “just one episode” from the old one. We all know how this ends- “caffeine the next day”.








11. You don’t charge your phone at night and sleep after scrolling through the Instagram search feed. You are very well aware that you have a hectic day tomorrow. The worst happens when your power bank is also not charged.


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12. All the festivals give you an excuse to give in to your sweet tooth. You eat way too many chocolates and sweets and end up having acne.







13. We commit to an unrealistic routine and are not able to maintain it. We know this while making the schedule but there is a different taste if disappointment you see.







14. Whenever a couple or two friends fight you try to make things right by making them understand different aspects. It all gets messed up when they get together and you end up being the bad guy. This is the point when you realize that your mother always says all the right things.








15. Most of the girls are going to relate to this one. We all buy a smaller size if our size is not available in an apparel in hopes that this will motivate us to go for a run and we will fit into it after a month or two. Don’t do this as that is not going to happen and you already know that.








16. This happens so many times that whenever we are sitting in a group and make plans of the next weekend you already have something to do and won’t be able to make it but you give a positive response despite your busy schedule.


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17. Going out of the way to help someone? We all have been there at some point in our life and we know that we will be taken for granted. But this doesn’t stop us from making this mistake before we learn our lesson through a practical approach.








18. We all like giving advice to the people we care about. But this blows in our face when our genuine advice is repeatedly ignored by them and we feel like an idiot. Kind of knew it.







19. Everybody likes to go wild sometimes and a problem can happen if you decide to go bananas on the road. Many road accidents happen due to overspeeding. If you have ever experienced it then you would have replayed the warning given by your dad to drive slow.






20. As adults, we are in a habit of repressing our feelings and think that we would look vulnerable if we express whatever we feel. But, the truth is that expressing your thoughts out loud liberates you from any baggage or guilt and helps you in leading a happy life.






Its never too late to make improvement and lead a healthy, productive and stress-free life. These things are not that difficult to cope up with.

So these were some of the things one shouldn’t do as sensible adults. If you also do all the above-mentioned things then do share it with others and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

7 Replies to “20 Things That We Do But Shouldn’t Do As Sensible Adults”

  1. Himanshu Falswal says:

    Hello Bhawna,

    Nice article and yes I still hit that snooze but and feel like damn yes, I got 5 more min to sleep.lol, hungry friends always push you to eat those tasty fries anytime thanks to them 😊

  2. Praduman says:

    Hey Bhwana

    These are very funny and true. We sometimes do things and regret them later. Very nice observation

  3. Hi Bhawna

    I can certainly relate to buying a size (or 2) too small 🙂

    We make lots of mistakes when we should be more sensible, but I guess that’s why aging brings on wisdom.


    • Bhawna says:

      Hi Donna,

      That size thing is quite common and almost all girls have done that at some point. That’s the perk of being young, you are in a position to make mistakes, take risks and learn your lesson.
      Have a good one.

      Thank you

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