Things That Are Considered Offensive In Other Countries


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I don’t think that there will ever be a person who doesn’t want to travel and explore new places. Yes, the company he prefers may vary. Some of us like traveling in groups, some of us like traveling solo and some just love to spend time with family but we all want to explore new places and experience new things. Traveling feeds your soul like nothing else does. As soon as you book a ticket to some other country you open the internet and look for ‘must-visit places’ and ‘to-do list’ for that country. But, many of us forget to look for things that we must not do while we are there. C’mon let’s face it not all countries have same culture and things which are fine in your country might be considered rude and offensive in others. Like in India, elders keeping hand over your head is considered good and signifies positive energy being given to you. In Malaysia, head is considered to be the most sacred part of your body and touching it may not be well received.

Here we have made a list of countries and the things you must NOT do while you are here. Have a look-




























If you have visited some other country or know about any other country then do enlighten us with your knowledge in the comment section below.


4 Replies to “Things That Are Considered Offensive In Other Countries”

  1. Moss Clement says:

    These are terrific tips for travellers. In fact, I so agree with you because I have traveled to Dubai and Malaysia on vacation. I actually spent 2 and half months in Dubai and saw just what you outlined here about Dubai. I spent two weeks in Malaysia which was a good experience as well.

  2. Bhawna says:

    Hi Moss
    Thanx for adding these value points to my post.
    It is always fun to travel to other countries and we always search for things like places to visit and food to try but it is good to know other things as well. We might get concessions because we are tourists but if we do our homework then these things can be avoided.

    Thanks & Regards

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