There is something different in the ambience nowadays. With all the festivities spread all around and you gaining the extra holiday weight will make you feel more sure about the holidays approaching. Plus the pollution makes you realise that Diwali is here. The festival has amazing significance in our country. It is celebrated on the day Lord Rama came to Ayodhya after defeating Raavan.

There are many changes that you would notice in the weather conditions near the time of Diwali. Earlier the weather was clear and there was less smog in the air but nowadays the first thing you inhale when you wake up in the morning.

But there are also some rituals which were followed then and are followed even now. Given below is the list of some of these traditions which give you the Diwali vibes.
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Cleaning the house-

As soon as you get any weekend before Diwali your mom makes sure that you engage in some household chores and give her a hand in the cleaning process. You are made to stand on a table and clean the fans or clean your messed up almirah. This is a time-consuming process but is also kinda fun for that mom-kid bonding.

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Hogging on sweets-

You put on a little weight thanks to all the sweets present in your house. Your sweet tooth suddenly becomes more active and compels you to hog on to as many sweets as possible.







Transferring Son Papdi-

The only sweet which gets too much to handle is the ‘Son Papdi’. Normally we don’t hate this sweet but on Diwali, many people prefer giving this to you. That’s when you just want to get rid of it and transfer it to someone’s house.








There is no denying the fact that we all enjoy shopping. On Diwali, there are many offers going on to attract customers. This keeps the market area always crowded.







I personally don’t promote bursting crackers as they are no friends of the environment. But colourful fireworks and some super loud crackers will keep reminding you that the festival of lights is approaching.






Keeping soft drinks on the go-

Because there is no time to make tea as everyone is in the hurry of distributing the gifts.








Wearing new clothes-

Wearing new clothes on Diwali is yet another ritual that we all follow. It is believed that we must pray to the Goddess Laxmi with everything we have to provide us with more.



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Bonus from the workplace

Every employee waits for Diwali more than any other festival because he either gets a bonus or a gift from his employer. Such a good day at the office!






Praying ritual-

The whole family gathers in the evening to pray to Goddess Laxmi to provide them with health and prosperity.






Having calorie rich dinner-

We enjoy this kind of guilt sometimes. After praying it is important to have that rich, calorie-loaded food and savour every bite. What is Diwali without some good food and laughter?






Wait for holidays-

…and go home if we live far away. Not all of us live with our families and festivals are important. So we rush to be with our loved ones at this time of the year.






An ethnic day at the office-

Wearing an ethnic attire is a must when any holiday is approaching and Diwali is no exception. Plus getting clicked and posting on social media for all those compliments, Worth it!







Decorating the house-

Everyone goes to the market and buys fancy lights to light up their house. These colourful lights light up the whole area and the houses look very beautiful.





Making rangoli-

This is almost seen in every household. Making colourful patterns might be a time-consuming process but it adds up to the already existing decor and earns you some brownie points from the guests visiting your house.

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