90’s is considered to be the “Golden Era” in India.This was the time when pop culture gained new heights.There are many things in which you can take pride if you were born in “the 90’s”.I am sure that all the points mentioned below will make you nostalgic.Here you go-



Things to be proud of if you are a 90’s kid


1. Telephone Services


When the concept of globalization was introduced we saw all households using landline phones. Landline was a necessity but cordless were your iPhones. Nowadays it’s all about touch screens and Android and iOS,  also  If we wanted to activate DND, all we needed was to put the receiver aside 😀 . We are the only generation to have used landlines, cordless, Nokia 1100 and touchscreen.


2. Pop music


We had a whole collection of cassettes from Daler Mehndi, Palash Sen, Sukhbir, Alisha and offcourse our Venga Boys. We all remember ketchup song right. And how can we forget “Made in India” (Alisa Chinai)  Fun fact “Katy Perry’s Dark Horse reminds you of that song? Now its all about technology-driven iPods and our phones. iPods are fun too but we all have to agree cassettes were more fun.


3. Outdoor activities


Things to be proud of if you are a 90's kid

Getting scolded for coming home late…of-course you remember. Pleading your mum to let you go out and play and assuring her that you will be back on time. Pitthugram, chupan chupai, carom board, cricket were the fun game. Kids today are happy with their temple run.

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4.Revolutionary video games

Things to be proud of if you are a 90's kid


Well yes! “Revolutionary” because everybody played Video games like duck hunting, Mario Bros, and contra used to be a rage. Road rash too. We played them for years. Now no game stays in the market for more than 4 months and is easily accessible on a cell phone. Back then we had to do the whole set up with wires to play games..but WORTH IT.


5. Epic TV shows


Gone are days of the excitement of watching Shaktiman and Mowgli. We used to be glued to our tv sets at that time. YouTube has made our lives easy


6. Cool candies


Things to be proud of if you are a 90's kid

Pretending to smoke with our “cigarette candy” that fun is missing now. Kismibar, Poppins, babool – the list is long.


7. Song Remakes


“9 se 12”, “chiz mast”, “neend churayi meri” cool since that time. To be honest we prefer original over remakes. Govinda’s songs used to be the rocking numbers for weeks.


8. Photo albums


Camera at that time had reels and we all got super duper excited to see the album after the negatives were given to the studio Now all our pictures are there on our computer. You might have 500+ photos on your phone now but nothing worth printing. Those were the times when we actually captured the moment. Albums are made mostly for the wedding now.


9.Newly introduced Computers

Things to be proud of if you are a 90's kid

Going to the computer lab meant ac rooms and doodling on MS Paint and playing with the screensaver. I remember newly launched Pentium 4 processor, it was like having an iPhone X these days. Now children are born with problem-solving skills on computers.

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10. Snacking options

O yes , natkhat , aam pachak and many more. Yes lays and kurkure have taken over now but we surely crave for our old wafers sometimes.


11. No Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat Stories

We had actual friends. A Facebook friend was not a thing back then. Stories were meant to be told and not post. We didn’t hide behind the dog/fox mask 😛


12. Dial-up Modem

If you had a computer in early days, chances are you might have internet. Having the dial-up modem was certainly a pain. Waiting for it to connect and the speed, oh man it used to take forever. Thank god now we have 30-40 Mbps speed on our phones. (Thanks to 4G )


13. Electricity Options

Not every household could afford inverter at that time. Petromax  cylinders were used to light up our house in such conditions



Sure our lives are much easier now but we cannot forget the fun we had when things were gradually happening.There are times when we want to relive those moments.Cheers to all of us.




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