We all have our own bucket list of the places we want to visit. While visiting a different city we all are thrilled, excited and filled with enthusiasm. Apart from clicking numerous pictures, there are many other things you must do. Here’s a list of things to do while travelling to another city-


1. Roadtrips –

For the love of God don’t book a taxi here. We love to travel with our gang, to make your journey more exciting, we suggest taking a road trip. Play your favourite music grab your sunglasses and some snacks. Voila! You are ready to hit the road.



2. Local delicacies –

Every local dish has a story about its origin. There are some delicacies which are made in every house and the universe says “try all of them“. Prefer eating at local food joints they usually turn out to be hidden gems.


3. Take out some “ME” time-

Sometimes we deserve our thoughts to overwhelm us. Take out some time to go for a walk alone early in the morning and enjoy a cup of tea all by yourself. Spend some time in the lap of nature and absorb its beauty with your eyes. Hear the sound of the river flowing nearby and chirping of birds. This is just the therapy your brain needs.



4. Gather some knowledge-

Historical as well as geographical. I am not saying that you should repeat your 8th class here but it’s better to be aware of your surroundings and the history behind the rich culture of that place. Besides knowledge never goes waste

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5. Talk to the locals-

Ever tried learning a few phrases from another language..it’s so much fun to explore new things. Talk to local people to understand the place better. They guide you better than google on what places you must visit.


6. Some time off social media

Posting pictures on social media can wait..Do this once you reach home. You planned a trip to break the rut so staying away from Facebook and Instagram can help you enjoy more.

Posting every second of your life on Snapchat sometimes gets overwhelming. Don’t be that person, take some time off social media. I am sure you will appreciate the change.


7. Check out the nightlife


Trust me, this will be something you will remember till the end of time. Do explore the place at night and indulge in activities which make nightlife more fun.


8. Record your experience


This will help you relive these moments again after a few years and definitely put a smile on your face.


9. Enjoy local festival


Do your research beforehand and make sure you attend the local festival going on at that time. This will help you understand the culture of that place.

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So this was a list of all the things to do while travelling to another city. Do let us know if you have more ideas in the comment section below.


  1. I prefer to go for a solo trip and wore a sunglasses with my bike or car what is well suited at that time it depends, me and my songs that’s it . Article is great but it depend on person’s own choice and u know me lolz

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