Being a vegetarian in a group of nonvegetarian friends makes you feel like a culprit while they order their food because just for you a separate dish is ordered. Almost all of us have heard many different things in the context of being a vegetarian. We have compiled a list of things vegetarian people get to hear.


Things Vegetarian People get to hear


Some of them are listed here-


1. Once u try it you will ask for more-

Things Vegetarian People get to hear

Yeah, people, we know you love it but don’t ask us again and again to join you guys.It doesn’t feel nice to turn you down every time.


2. There is not much difference between your “paneer/Soy Nuggets” and boneless chicken-

Things Vegetarian People get to hear

Okay! If there is not much difference then why don’t you eat paneer and save few bucks by not ordering your chicken. ??


3.How do you guys get required amount of protein-

Things Vegetarian People get to hear

Well, we have our options.Tofu, broccoli, soy nuggets, beans etc.


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4. Eat the gravy atleast-

Things Vegetarian People get to hear

There is no meat in the gravy try it!!

No. Thank you


5. Don’t you even eat eggs-

Things Vegetarian People get to hear

But the cakes and pastries have eggs.It means you eat eggs no?

Nope, they also make cakes without eggs.There is no compulsion.phew!


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6.You don’t maintain balance in food chain-

If the world gets crowded with chicken they will eat all the grains and people will die of hunger.

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Okay, point noted. But you guys are doing the social service of saving the world ?


7. What if you are stuck on a deserted island?

This question has been asked so many times.Then also you will not kill and eat any animal for survival??

The answer is- Why would I go to such place.I won’t. Problem solved ?


8.You don’t eat non veg you can’t even hear non veg-

You are mocked whenever someone is ready to narrate a non-veg joke. Dialogues like-“shut your ears the joke is non-veg and you are vegetarian” are common.


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9. They list you the benefits of eating non vegetarian food-

Things Vegetarian People get to hear
For example, fish makes your hair shiny and black and same goes with egg. Chicken is good for the balanced diet. The list is endless…


10. You consume alcohol then why not chicken-

Things Vegetarian People get to hear
People will come up with really amazing logic. Like what is the connection between these two.Both are different scenarios *eyes roll*


11. What is the reason? –

What is the reason that you abstain from eating the most delicious food item?Is it because of your family? Will they disown you? Etc etc


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12. You go to the gym yet no meat!!-

How come you workout rigorously and then not eat eggs.. you will faint one day. That “ghaas-phoos” is not gonna help build your muscles, you need protein if you want to workout.

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Even if the world is constantly chasing our ass to try non-veg many of us stand firm on our ground and not pay heed to such things. Rather we enjoy all the mockery and leg pulling because it is our choice to lead our life this way. Kudos 🙂

Did we miss anything? If you are vegetarian do share your experiences with us in the comment section below.



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