There was a different feeling when we were going to our school and it was good different. Whenever we meet our old friends we end up talking about the good old school days. Watching kids in our neighborhood come home after school makes us nostalgic and we just wish that we could relive those moments again with our friends. We can’t turn back time but we can remember those little things through this post dedicated to our childhood. So here are some things we all miss about school.

Things We All Miss About School


1. Taking a round of the corridor-

Things We All Miss About School

As soon as our teacher left the class most of us used to rush out and if anybody asked then the excuse was universally acceptable- out for drinking water or going to the washroom.


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3. Birthdays-

Things We All Miss About School

Birthdays were special as we used to dress up and take chocolates to school.Taking our best friend to other classes with us gave us utmost joy. Plus giving extra chocolate to our friends was our own way of showing our love.


3. Planning a leave with our friends-

If one of us was not coming then the whole group used to be absent. That is friendship. Right!


4. Eating lunch between lectures-

Things We All Miss About School

The fear of getting caught made it taste even more yummy. This was our own little stunt and feel like a daredevil.Booyaaa!!! The biggest problem was when the teacher would ask us something and we had our mouthful.

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5. Cool way of wearing the uniform-

Things We All Miss About School

We all miss wearing our school uniforms on days when we are getting ready and not able to decide what to wear. Untucked shirts, loose ties, sleeves up was our own way to enjoy wearing it.


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6. Missing school assembly-

Not going to assembly just because it was PT day. We all tried our level best to escape it. Some of us didn’t feel well at that particular time some of us had to complete the artwork for the annual day.


7. Going to Annual Day-

We were not that much interested in the activities being held. We just got excited that we can stay out late with our friends and have fun.


8. Fun day-

Just before the summer vacation watching the whole class feasting together and enjoying the games and dancing and singing was so overwhelming.


9. Getting punished-

We dreaded getting punished back then but after entering college we realized that our school teachers cared about us. Suddenly we realize that we have grown up and nobody cares if we don’t complete our homework or assignment.


10. Parent Teacher Meeting-

The day when you were grilled properly. There was a slight difference when you got good results you pushed your parents to attend the meeting and if the result was bad then it was the other way round.


11. Crushes

We all had our first liking for opposite sex in our school.We felt the adrenaline rush when our crush played guitar or won a football match.*sigh*

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12. That Special Teacher

Apart from amazing friends and memories, teachers were the best and sometimes worst. There were some teachers we avoided confronting. On the other hand, there was that special teacher who was more like a friend. He/She always got your back, you were comfortable with them and they helped you not only with school problem but sometimes with the personal crisis as well. Not only he/she was a teacher. They were our mentors.


I am sure there many great small things we will miss about our school days. These are some of the best memories that will stay forever with us. One day we would tell it to our children maybe our grandchildren.

Let us know what was your favourite thing about the school days?



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