/Things You Have to Bear With Your Siblings
Things you have to bear with your siblings

Things You Have to Bear With Your Siblings

We can’t live with them, can’t live without them, this theory applies to our siblings aptly. Growing up I realised that every person living on this planet has some common opinion about their sibling. They annoy you , they support you and they know you inside out.

This is a short list of the things our siblings do, and if you have siblings I am sure you will relate.


1.The Blame Game

So you are just sitting peacefully and suddenly you hear the sound of breaking of a glass or a lamp. Your sibling did it but before you know they act so innocent and butter your parents and put the blame on you. Before you can process the turn of eventsย ๐Ÿ˜‹ you are already getting scolded by your mum.


2.The Puppy face


An assignment was given to them and they had whole week to do it, despite your repeated reminders they didn’t do it. Now it’s the last day and they make puppy face in front of you while your parents are still there so you are forced to help them because “haye bechara”(poor he). He is your younger brother who else will help him.



3.Forging signatures

Gettingย  low score in tests is nothing new in student’s life. In schools teachers ask you to get your tests or report cards signed by your parents. You help them by being their partner in crime and forging your parent’s signatures sometimes.



4.Helps you sneak in

It’s late and you are drunk,whom do you call? Right. Your brother/sister. They are the ninjas, who would help you sneak in and even protect you from being scolded. This is the most important perk of having a sibling.



5.Never ending comparison

There is always a list of comparison with your elder sibling. They are good in everything and you bear the burnt of their disciplinary habits. Your parents always scold you and tell you how you should behave or participate in extra curricular activities or manage your time for everything. The list is endless. This doesn’t end with parents, even your teachers and relatives would do this.



6. They blackmail you

When you refuse to their unacceptable and nonsense requests they don’t think twice before blackmailing you-” you went on a date the other day, I will tell mommy”
This is their favourite catchphrase “I will tell mommy”!!



7. Picking up a fight

Yes this one must be very relatable for all the elder brothers and sisters.They act grotesquely. If you were in same school your younger sibling might have come running complaining, how other person was bullying them and you were always there to their rescue even if it was your brother’s/sister’s fault.




8.The being adopted arguments

Things you have to bear with your siblings
“Mom loves me more” or “You are adopted” often decoded as “tujhe to kachre ke dabbe se uthaya tha” . These are some regular sentences you use in your day to day conversation.



9. Intentionally screw things up

Be it anything-taking out toothpaste from its tube in a wrong way to putting their shoes on your footwear, they would come up with something new everyday. They just know so many different ways to annoy you. Then there is World War III.




You act as a mediator when they need permission to go on a night out because as an elder you have more expertise and experience in the concerned area. ๐Ÿ˜‹ . Sometimes you feel bad for yourself because there was nobody to take permissions for you.

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