2018 Has been a great year, we have seen so many social media trends. This year India also saw many important changes. Section 377 was scrapped. We also lost some important souls. We have put together a list of all the things to look out for in 2019


Things You Should Look Forward in 2019


Tesla in India

Tesla in India

After dominating in the United States and Europe Tesla is coming to the Indian market as well as in South America. The company will source the batteries locally to reduce the cost and make the product price effective. Tesla is the leading brand in manufacturing eco-friendly vehicles all over the world. This will give a huge boost to the market in India. Tesla is also opening a new plant in united states.


TV Shows

game of thrones season 8 2018

Game of Thrones is going to be back after the much awaited and super long 2018. Fans are eagerly waiting for the final season to be launched. The ned game is going to be legendary and we just can’t keep calm.

Another series which is to be launched in 2019 is ‘The Stranger Things’. This is also a show based on a different dimension and has a huge fan following. Both the shows are going to be the highlights of 2019.



movies coming in 2019

How can we talk about the Tv series and forget the movies? There are many movies to be launched in 2019 like Spiderman and Godzilla. Bout the most awaited would be the avenger’s endgame where all our superheroes come together to fight the mighty Thanos. There are many hues and cry regarding the existence of Captain America and being a huge Marvel fan myself I just can’t want for the movie to be released and booking a first-day first show in the theatres.

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2018 was not good for apple. They suffered the loss of $56 Billion. This year Apple is going to launch the new design language for the iPhone line up. Besides that company is also planning to upgrade its famous Mac Pro (TrashCan) which is due for an update.


Apple Store and Production

Apple is also going to be opening the first ever Apple store in India. They are also starting the production of the iPhone X along with iPhone 6s and iPhone SE.



election in 2019

In India, elections are going to be held this year and we will see if Modi’s tactics will see a further 5 years or not. In November, elections are going to be held in the USA as well.



ISRO Moon Mission 2019

Indian is going looking forward to doing the moon mission. If ISRO successfully pulls this off, India will become the 5th country to land a spacecraft on the Moon.


More Safer Vehicles

Tata nexon safer cars for india

According to the norms, all the bikes and scooter above 125CC are required to have ABS. From coming April 2019 All the vehicles would have that option. Similarly, cars would also be getting more safer.


Five Eclipses

five eclipse in 2019

This year there is going to be a total of five lunar and solar eclipses.


75th Anniversary of D-Day

d-day 75th anniversary

2019 would mark the 75th anniversary of D-day and battle of Normandy.


$100 Million Fortnite Championship

$100 Million Fortnite Championship

Yes, you heard it right $100 Million. Epic game is hosting this event and anyone from around the world can participate. So you better look out.

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We will be updating this post if anything of significance come along the way. Did we miss anything? let us know in the comment section below.


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