Life passes very quickly. You are never able to get over the fact that a year has passed and before you know it people are greeting each other with New Years wishes. We all wish to live a carefree life and don’t really want to be concerned  about our career. But as soon as we complete our graduation most of us have our options figured out.Some pursue post-graduation, some start working and some of us decide to prepare for competitive exams and as we all know it is a hard nut to crack.
Here is a list of things that every aspirant does.Have a look-


Things you will get if you are preparing for a competitive exam


1. Reading the newspaper-

Things you will get if you are preparing for a competitive exam
This is the first things that we start doing as a part of our preparation. A stack of newspapers with underlined words and some cutouts lie in the corner if our home.


2. Subscriptions-

Things you will get if you are preparing for a competitive exam
For the job alerts, for weekly news, some online lectures recommended to us by our seniors. These lists are endless.
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3. Staying motivated-

Things you will get if you are preparing for a competitive exam
This is the biggest problems because the diversion is easy. That unlimited pack of internet hinders in our studies.
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4. Taking a break from social media-

This becomes essential when you are not able to focus on your studies completely. Your friends call you and curse you for not being readily available. Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, twitter all are off limits for a while.
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5. Not Attending family functions-

All the social events seem toxic because time is important. Plus all the relatives asking about your professional life doesn’t do well with you.


6. One subject, many books-

You have at least 3-4 books for each subject and your almirah has more books instead of clothes. It is among the things you will get if you are preparing for a competitive exam
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7. Money slips-

Whole your savings and pocket money goes in buying stationary items- registers, pens, magazines etc.
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8. No weekend off-

Because all the exams take place on SUNDAY. So when all your friends are chilling at some bar you are there in examination hall ticking the MCQ’s.
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9. Installing apps –

Your smartphone is full of apps for quizzes. You also have the dictionary on your phone. One app is there to stay updated with current affairs. Your phone memory gives up but you don’t.
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10. Following a timetable-

Oh yes!! And you don’t need your mother to shout over your head to follow it. You make it on your own and make every possible effort to follow it. You take adequate rest adequate sleep and then you get back to your business.

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11. Sticky notes everywhere-

You make notes to save your time during revision. To save that eleventh-hour hustle you use colorful sticky notes to identify the subject and notebook.


12. Sharing notes via e-mail-

You share as many notes and tricks as possible with your other friends who are preparing for the same via email. Emails are more frequent than phone calls for that matter.


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13. Mock tests-

You are in a habit of taking mock tests and solving previous year question papers.
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14. Highlights everywhere-

All your books have been highlighted by you just to emphasise on important points. So that at the time of revision it becomes easy to just skip to important things.


15. Overthinking-

If you got late into preparing, you always regret those years you wasted during college mass bunks.
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16. Grooming takes time-

Sometimes it is just so overwhelming to get up and get ready. You start caring somewhat less about your looks. Your pj’s and sweatshirt becomes your best friend.


17. Expert in GK-

One of the most obvious things you will get if you are preparing for a competitive exam. Your were never interested in politics but now as you read the newspaper daily and watch news channels you become expert on international affairs and you understand politics better. It is easy and interesting to give a decent conversation with your dad or elders for that matter.

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18. Limited time-

As you are engrossed in your classes and making notes your relationship gets affected till you reach a common understanding. It becomes a task at the initial stage.


But no matter what how difficult it may be with the support of our family and close friends we keep that hope alive and achieve our goal ultimately. Some days get hard and some days we feel like giving up but that is the charm you achieve what you want despite these impediments.



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