We all have seen those chocolate and candies arranged around the payment counter in the general store. Even if one has no plan of buying it you generally end up buying something from there. These things have been strategically placed by the store to play on your weaknesses. There are other times when you just end up buying the stuff you can’t justify. I am sure at some times you must find yourself in situations similar to that of Rebecca Bloomwood though I hope not to the extent that you have an insurmountable debt to repay and yeah also don’t get your heart broken.

If all this sounds familiar to you, welcome to the bandwagon of impulsive buyers. Read on, you might also relate to some of the following habits,



  1.You shop in EVERY mood





‘Today that presentation went so well! Let me reward myself with that cute pair of stilettos I saw yesterday.’

One of the major reasons for impulsive buying is emotional shopping. You shop when you are feeling anxious, under pressure, when you are upset and, even when you are happy.  Letting every emotion overtake your shopping can lead to disastrously big bills and maybe even debts.


2. You don’t have enough space in your cupboard




A cupboard brimming with clothes is so usual for you that now you don’t even notice clothes falling out of your cupboard every time you open it. You feel as if every time you open your cupboard to keep something back in there, it shrinks a bit and soon it might be just as small as Antman.

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3. One can never have enough pieces of clothing





It is your ardent belief which you will hold on to forever-even when you are on the other side of the grave- that one can never have enough pieces of clothing to not look for new ones. Especially socks because as Dumbledore said ‘one can never have enough socks’.


4. The sale seems to be just in sync with your needs





It seems as if the person deciding the things to be put on sale is choosing the items right out of your subconscious mind. The moment you see the word sale written on anything you suddenly realize that have been meaning to put on your shopping list. The urge to buy something is so strong that you have a hard time controlling it. You try to take some time before you make the decision and rationalize your decisions but still sometimes you end up buying it.


5. Online shopping websites are your favorite pastime





You are home early from work, you’re traveling, it’s a Sunday, or it’s a holiday. No matter the occasion, if you are free you can only think of doing one thing: online shopping. All your free time is spent on these websites. It’s like a second home for you. The rest of your phone time goes in stalking new fashion trends of clothing, footwear or something as random as napkin designs.

6. It’s now or never

The first impulse which you have when you see anything is that if you do not buy it immediately, you will be missing the sole chance of owning it in your entire lifetime. You feel as if every person in the store is waiting for you to keep it back down so that they can buy it. Your brain rationalizes it all so well. Then lo and behold! You have bought it.

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7. Was I feeling worse before I bought this or after?




You could not sleep a wink before buying that item, but you still feel uneasy even after buying it. Earlier there was this sort of frenzy within you which didn’t let you sleep, now there is guilt gnawing in the pit of your stomach which wouldn’t let you sleep. And now you cannot decide whether you were feeling worse earlier or now.


8. If you are an impulsive foodaholic




While we are on this topic of impulsive buying I think that this happens with me the most while order food. The most dangerous situation arises when you start browsing through food delivery sites. After seeing all the delicacies your tongue can crave for- and some which you haven’t even tasted ever- you just end up ordering something before it even registers completely.

9. Stationery comes to life




Stationary objects literally come to life and call out to you as if imploring you with their imaginary eyes to take them home. Even though you already have three different shades of the blue pen, you need to have this one as well.


The fact that you realize these shortcomings in your shopping habits means that you are one step closer to correcting it. So the next time you reach out for that extra chocolate or pair of socks, remember that someone is trying to play you.


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