We all have heard a lot about time travel and we all have wished to time travel at some point or other in our life. Time travelling generally involves a time machine and is said to be theoretically possible. A person can alter the events of the past or future by travelling through time using the time machine. But, time loop movies have a different fan base and for very good reasons. The time loop movies are really riveting and engaging. Time loop movies are perplexing and generally explore the possibilities to a given situation.

In the time loop movies, a person is stuck in the same situation and has to relive it again and again and there is no time machine to help him. We have made a list of all the movies made on the concept of a time loop. If you are a sucker of the time loop movies then this list will definitely make you happy.


Best Time Loop Movies

Edge of Tomorrow


IMDb Rating- 7.9                                                                         Watch it on- Youtube, Netflix

A major and a warrior are stuck in a time loop and their aim is to protect Earth from the aliens who have attacked it. They want to end the human race. Tom Cruise plays the role of a major and Emily Blunt portrays a fierce warrior. The movie was a huge success and is probably in the list of all the time loop movies.


About Time


IMDb Rating- 7.8                                                                         Watch it on- Netflix

This is the best time loop movies in the romance genre. This is the story of a guy who persuades the girl of his dreams to fall in love with him by going back in time. He is encouraged by his father to do so. Like all other men in his family, he can go back in time. This is not a typical time loop movie but contains all the elements of the same.

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Palm Springs


IMDb Rating- 7.5                                                                          Watch it on- Hulu

This is one of the most talked-about and the best time loop movies. The actors in the leading role are Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti. They are stuck in a day and relive it again and again. This leads to romantic feelings amongst them. The movie is quite fresh and entertaining and we would highly recommend this one if you want to watch a good time loop movie.





IMDb Rating- 6.9                                                                          Watch it on- Amazon Prime

Another amazing time loop movie which you will definitely enjoy if you love thrilling work of cinema. A group of friends board a ship after escaping a near-death experience of encountering a storm. But there is no escaping the ship and they get stuck in a time loop They are force to relive everything over and over again.



The Endless


IMDb Rating- 6.9                                                                          Watch it on- Amazon Prime

This is a story of two brothers who are stuck in a time loop after receiving a cryptic message to revisit the UFO death cult. They escaped the death cult previously and now they are stuck again. They struggle to return to reality and their normal life.


Happy Death Day


IMDb Rating- 6.5                                                                          Watch it on- Netflix

Happy Death Day is a hilarious slasher time loop movie telling the story of a girl stuck in a day where she gets killed again and again. She gets killed and wakes up on the same day to relive the horror of getting killed. She decides to break the time loop by finding an escape and outsmart her killer.


Source Code


IMDb Rating- 7.5                                                                          Watch it on- Prime Video

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Jake Gyllenhall plays the role of an American soldier who was stationed in Afghanistan. He finds himself in the body of an unknown man and needs to figure out a way to track the person who planted a bomb in the Chicago train. He can not escape the time loop until he figures out a way to complete this task.




IMDb Rating- 5.9                                                                          Watch it on- Prime Video

Haunter is a thriller time loop movie which you can stream on any weekend. The movie is about a girl who is murdered by a serial killer. Her family is also murdered on the same day. She relives that day again and again before figuring out that she is stuck in a loop. She decides to help a girl who is the next target of that serial killer.




IMDb Rating- 6.4                                                                          Watch it on- Netflix

This is a sci-fi thriller which will keep you glued to your seat. A man discovers a technology which can provide unlimited energy. But, with the power-hungry people all around the world, technology can do more harm than good if it gets into the wrong hands. The engineer and his friends decide to save it and are forced to live in a time loop which has been created by the technology.



IMDb Rating- 6.4                                                                          Watch it on- Netflix

This is a movie about three people who keep on repeating the same day again and again. They relive the same challenges and bad moments every time. Things go haywire when there are clashes amongst them.


Before I Fall


IMDb Rating- 6.4                                                                          Watch it on- Netflix, Prime Video

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Samantha is a very popular girl who dies in a car accident. She has a perfect life and has everything planned out. She wakes up every day after she dies and relives the day again. This is one of the best time loop movies which shows us how we do not observe people who are closest to us and are really someone you know.


Groundhog Day


IMDb Rating- 8                                                                          Watch it on- Hulu

This is the movie which really defined the concept of time loop back in the ’90s. The performance of Bill Murray is outstanding. He is a weatherman who wakes up every day to relive the same day again and again. Finally, he decides to enjoy what life has decided and everything changes.


Blood Punch


IMDb Rating- 6.3                                                                          Watch it on- Hulu

If you like dark comedy then this movie is going to prove to be a perfect cocktail of the concept of time loop along with it. The movie is about three people engaged in a love triangle situation. They relive the same day again and again when they are stuck in a remote cabin.


Horse Girl

IMDb Rating- 5.9                                                                          Watch it on- Netflix

Horse Girl is about a girl who tells her story and believes that she was abducted by the aliens and is a clone of her grandmother. She narrates that she woke up in the future as she went to bed in 1995. This is not a typical time loop movie but will give you the fee of it. the concept of time loop fits it a little unconventionally.


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