Time travel is a really interesting and intriguing genre of series. It’s quite fascinating, as it delves into and spans a lot of new story territory. It takes a lot of effort to portray this interesting topic in a series, and to our surprise, several filmmakers have created some fantastic time travel series. Furthermore, numerous OTT platforms have made it possible by incorporating these series in their apps, with Netflix being one of them. Here’s a shortlist of time travel series on Netflix that will have you binge-watching them all.


8 Time Travel Series On Netflix


Rick and Morty (2013)

time travel series on netflix

IMDb – 9.2

Genre – Animated sitcom, Science fiction, Black comedy & Adventure

Created by – Justin Roiland
– Dan Harmon

Cast (voices) – Justin Roiland
– Chris Parnell
– Spencer Grammer
– Sarah Chalke
– Kari Wahlgren

Why is it included in this time travel series on Netflix list – Surprised to find an animated series, or as some of us would prefer to call it a cartoon, in this list of the best-animated series based on time travel. It’s scientific and focuses on exploring universes, giving the show an unending amount of creative ideas. Rick & Morty redefines what it means to be irreverent humor. The show’s ability to explore mind-blowing topics like the multiverse while simultaneously being immensely humorous and engaging has lifted the game to new heights.



Dark (2017)

time travel series on netflix

IMDb – 8.8

Genre – Science fiction, Thriller, Psychological Thriller, Mystery & Tragedy

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Created by – Baran bo Odar
– Jantje Friese

Cast – Louis Hofmann
– Oliver Masucci
– Julika Jenkins
– Andreas Pietschmann
– Maja Schöne
– Lisa Vicari
– Lisa Kreuzer
– Jördis Triebel

Why is it included in this time travel series on Netflix list – DARK is arguably the greatest science fiction series in the history of (OTT) online series. The disappearance of two young children in a German town reveals the bonds between four families. Dark is unlike any other time-travel film or series since it uses time as an element that has never been employed before. It’s one of those rare shows that makes you lose your mind and fails to let you forget what you’ve seen.



Doctor Who (2005)

time travel series on netflix

IMDb – 8.6

Genre – Science fiction, Adventure & Drama

Created by – Sydney Newman
– C. E. Webber
– Donald Wilson

Cast – Various Doctors
(as of 2022, Jodie Whittaker)
– Various companions
(as of 2022, Mandip Gill and John Bishop)

Why is it included in this time travel series on Netflix list – Doctor Who is wonderful in both the Time Travel and Space Opera subgenres, not only in the Pulp Hero category. There is so much to this event, and it has been running for years. This series is incredibly rich in terms of its universe and the creatures that inhabit it. Doctor Who is more than a show; it is a journey through space and time.



Outlander (2014)

IMDb – 8.5

Genre – Historical fiction
– Drama
– Adventure
– Fantasy
– Romance

Created by – Ronald D. Moore

Cast – Caitríona Balfe
– Sam Heughan

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Why is it included in this time travel series on Netflix list – A fascinating mix of romance and action, with plenty of villainy, battles, and heroics. It follows Caitriona Balfe, a British military nurse from 1945, as she travels back in time to 1743 during the English and Scottish conflicts against the British Army, the Red Coats. The show tackles a wide range of challenging societal issues and attempts to portray them compassionately.



Travelers (2016)

time travel series on netflix

IMDb – 8.1

Genre – Science fiction

Created by – Brad Wright

Cast – Eric McCormack
– MacKenzie Porter
– Nesta Cooper
– Jared Abrahamson
– Reilly Dolman
– Patrick Gilmore

Why is it included in this time travel series on Netflix list – Brad Wright’s creation is a highly absorbing sci-fi thriller. Travelers may cause viewers to have questions about the story’s overall theme. One of the show’s strengths was how well it depicted the Travelers going about their daily lives, with its ups and downs, while adhering to the protocol as they pursue their missions.



12 Monkeys (2015)

IMDb – 7.7

Genre – Science fiction, Mystery & Drama

Created by – Terry Matalas
– Travis Fickett

Cast – Aaron Stanford
– Amanda Schull
– Kirk Acevedo
– Noah Bean
– Todd Stashwick
– Emily Hampshire
– Barbara Sukowa

Why is it included in this time travel series on Netflix list – Started as a longer version of the Bruce Willis movie, then grew into a story about time travel and causality, before concluding as a love story. The writers’ skill to keep the timeline straight with so many interruptions to different individuals at various moments in time is mind-boggling, and you will undoubtedly enjoy the end. You’d think that with so many timeline interruptions, the plot would get incredibly artificial, but everything went well and was well-planned.

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Timeless (2016)

IMDb – 7.7

Genre – Drama, Science fiction, Action & Alternate history

Created by – Eric Kripke
– Shawn Ryan

Cast – Abigail Spencer
– Matt Lanter
– Malcolm Barrett
– Paterson Joseph
– Sakina Jaffrey
– Claudia Doumit
– Goran Višnjić

Why is it included in this time travel series on Netflix list – One of those shows that were very ahead of its time was Timeless. Connor Mason (Paterson Joseph), a tech whiz, has created a time machine with the help of a mysterious donor. His goal is to learn about our history so that we don’t repeat the same mistakes and can learn where we’re heading. His mystery backers, on the other hand, have more sinister designs for the machine.



Lost in Austen (2008)


IMDb – 7.4

Genre – Comedy-drama, Fantasy & Romance

Created by – Guy Andrews

Cast – Jemima Rooper
– Alex Kingston
– Hugh Bonneville
– Morven Christie
– Elliot Cowan
– Gemma Arterton

Why is it included in this time travel series on Netflix list – Amanda Price, a Londoner, is a huge lover of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. She reads it several times over. Her uncouth boyfriend drunkenly proposes to her. Elizabeth Bennet enters Amanda’s bathroom through a hidden door from the Austen literary universe. Amanda passes through the door the second time, leaving Elizabeth behind, and the door is locked. As the plot of Pride and Prejudice progresses, Amanda pretends to be Elizabeth’s friend. Amanda tries to correct the story when it goes wrong.




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