This question has been plaguing our lives since the inception of the time. Well no, actually it has been on our mind since Shakespeare’s Hamlet said this while contemplating life and death. In our age and time, this phrase poses many different questions than the ones Shakespeare was putting forth. For this millennial generation, if a person starts a soliloquy with this phrase, they will be worried about their relationship status. Yes, you got it right, the words of contention in this millennial is ‘I do’. For time immemorial people have been falling in love and dealing with the consequences of it and in each era, lovers have had their fair share of problems to deal with. The hoo haa of this generation is long distance relationships.  Nowadays the sighs which lovers sigh over separation could actually last for years. So let’s talk about the pros and cons of being in a long distance relationship.


1. Phone calls

The one constant feature of the life of such a person is that they are always on call. While eating, while working while going somewhere. They just cannot be separated from their phones. Be warned unless you have the stamina to talk about every little detail of the day, and when I say every detail I mean everything down to the color of ink you used that day do not undertake this Herculean task of a long distance relationship.

2. Video calls

Yes, the tirade does not end at phone calls because technology has blessed us with the feature of video calls. Now you may say, “ Why Ananya does that not make life easier for those poor souls who can’t meet in real life?”. Well, I ask you, wasn’t it better when some things were left to be imagined. This video calling has doomed this generation to not being able to write poetry about their lover’s beauty. Thus the only poetry written is written by people who have a broken heart.

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3. And many more….



In truth the media of conversation do not end there, true lovers have various other methods such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat and even text messages. You have to actively check each and every one of these avenues. Moreover, if you miss out on any of them, you are in a troubled phone or video call! If God forbid, one miss the contact on multiple frontiers this leads to suspicion of cheating and fear of some near death experience both of which assures a fight one way or another.

4. Parents





You would assume that now since one is not going to physically meet their significant other their will be a lot less tension of being caught by their parents. On the contrary, they have a tougher time hiding their relationship from their parents. Every time they are on the phone with their lover and they get a call from their parents or find their parents standing in front of them, they have to have a backup person they are always talking to and who will endorse this claim if questioned.


5. The cold war





This is probably the worst part of being in such a relationship, every couple has an argument at some or the other point of time but when a couple in a long distance relationship has an argument they resort to cutting off all kinds of contact with each other, even the text messages.




1. Distance

Well, I know most of you will think this to be a disadvantage but I personally feel that for maintaining a healthy relationship, one needs to have some space for themselves. Moreover, if a couple is together even after being apart for so long, even after all those arguments over not knowing what is the other person up to then the relationship is to last.

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2. Understanding



This is necessary for any and every kind of a relationship, living miles apart means you have to understand the different commitments and circumstances the other person is dealing with. This not only strengthens your bond with your partner but also helps you become more inclusive of surroundings other than the one you are living in.


3. Someone remotely close



Long distance relationships allow you to have a person who knows everything that is going on in your life but is not present in close proximity, thus he or she can provide you with the best and unbiased advice. Moreover, he is the best person to discuss all the gossip regarding your life without any chance of anybody coming to know about it.


4. Time with friends





One of the common complaints of people in a relationship is that they are not able to give time to their friends. In long-distance relationships, one has the luxury to maintain healthy relations even with the people around them without compromising their time with their partner.


5. The thrill of meeting





Last but definitely not the least is that absolutely amazing sensation of seeing your dear one. It is absolutely otherworldly. When your partner meets you after months and sometimes a whole year, there is no feeling  compared to that.


Now that you have been adequately informed of the dangers and adventures of being in a long distance relationship. Now it is up to you whether to be or not to be.

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