The creepiest Wikipedia pages is a term many people won’t believe. In the modern internet dominated world, everything kind of information is available just a click away. It can be as important as finding the atomic value of metal or as basic as how to tie the shoelaces. Everything you google has a result, it may be as relevant as it can or as unnecessary as it can. One of the top pages that open up as soon as you do a google search is our very own Wikipedia.


As we all know Wikipedia cannot be considered as an authoritative or legitimate source of information since it can be edited by any person with a Wikipedia account. However, most of us still dig the information provided in Wikipedia seriously considering it an efficient source of information.


As important as it sounds, Wikipedia does have some bizarre information that didn’t need the unnecessary mention on a popular information source. Some of the information is simply disturbing, horrifying and downright creepy.

These weird Wikipedia pages will make your cringe super hard might even give you a lot of sleepless nights. But if you are a weird person who is interested in knowing weirdest of the phenomenon and stories that nobody wants to know, here are the top 10 creepiest Wikipedia pages you should NOT READ.

PS: Don’t read this article if it is 3 AM in the middle of the night and all you are doing is sleeplessly staring at the screen.


Creepiest Wikipedia pages


Rat king


No, we are not talking about a cartoon character that walks around in an adorable robe and crown. This is one disturbing phenomenon associated with Germany. A rat king is a collection of rats that are intertwined with each other through their tales with the help of sticky substances like glue or saliva. Superstition considers it to be a bad omen and is highly associated with the plague. A popular Netflix show “Hilda” also featured rat king in one of the episodes. Clearly, these rodents have raved a little too much in their life.

Kids, don’t do this at home.

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Black-eyed children

Usually, we tell our kids not to talk to strangers and be aware of the unknown entities. But what if the strangers are kids? And that too black-eyed?

These children apparently roam around the streets in the dark and it is believed that when you invite them to your house or give them a lift in your vehicle, they are going to eat you whole. Yes, you heard it right. These kids with pale skin and black eyes will come into your house asking for help and if god forbid you help them, they will eat you.


Fatal insomnia

Everyone is aware of the term insomnia. It is where you have a person is not able to sleep in the night. Most of the people suffer through this order due to various reasons like stress, genetics and more. However, there is a form of insomnia called Fatal familial insomnia which can literally kill you. It has a total of four stages: it starts with the first stage which goes up to four months that involves panic attacks, development of various phobias, paranoia and more.

The second stage lasts for five months where you get a hallucinating sleep. The third stage is when the body refuses to sleep at all for three months or more. In the last stage, dementia sets in and the sufferer ultimately dies.


Mellified man

Honey has multiple benefits in the human body be it hair, digestion or skin but the concept of Mellified man will make you run miles away from honey. Referred to as the human mummy confection, mollified man is the result of leaving a dead human body in honey for a long time.

This process was considered as an ancient healing method but not sure how it really helped a person who was already dead. Nevertheless, the Mellified man has successfully ruined honey for us.


Kuchi sake onna

Japanese ghost stories are the spookiest. One of such kind started back in the late ’70s when Kuchisake-onna or a slit mouthed woman was believed to walk around at night with a surgical mask on her face in many Asian countries. She used to ask people if she looked pretty.

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If you say no, she will slaughter you right away. But if you say yes, she will remove her mask showcasing her ominous smile and will slaughter you anyway. No matter what your answer is, if you encounter her, you are doomed. It was believed to be a vengeful spirit that was lurking around to seek vengeance from her murderers.


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The Villisca Axe Murders

A brutal series of murders took place in a small rural setting, Villisca lows. The Moore family was killed by an unknown killer who blew al their heads off their body using an ax blade. He then continued to beat the heads till they turned into pulp using his ax.

He covered the bodies and every piece of mirror or glass with clothes. After that, he took two pounds of uncooked bacon, wrapped it in a towel and laid it on the floor along with a keychain that didn’t belong to any of the family members. The case still remains unsolved. It is also said that a lot of other murders were linked to this incident during the same period of time as the murder weapon in each of them was an ax.


Sade abe

We have all heard passionate love stories but ever heard about so much madness in love that leads to erotically asphyxiating the lover?

Sade Abe use to erotically smother her lover when he used to sleep out of love. She also went to the extent of cutting his penis and testicles off and carry them around in her kimono. She also committed necrophilia and was later arrested and charged with murder. After her release, she disappeared somewhere in Kansai nunnery in 1969.

You might want to take your girlfriend’s call the next time, you never know what she might be capable of.


Grey goo

Grey goo is a hypothetical situation created by humans. It is a situation where humanity will come to an end. It will occur when the self-replicating robots will create more and more of their kind and will gradually consume all of the earth.

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They will suck up the lives out of human beings and will leave nothing for us. Just when we are going all-digital, a weird phenomenon like Grey Goo scares the shit out of everyone. For the benefit of humankind, let’s not create any robot replica and we all can live in peace.


List of unexplained sounds

This is one of the most creepiest Wikipedia pages. Surprisingly, a non-spooky but an annoying and a disturbing one. How would you feel to listen to sounds with no explanations? These are the lists of unexplained sounds that the U.S National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration detected in the Ocean.

The list is a wide one which includes upsweep, bloop, whistle, Julia and more. If you are too curious to listen to all those sounds, be Wikipedia’s guest and do so. Don’t complain if the sound remains afloat in your ears throughout the day later though.


Post mortem photography

Photography has taken many forms today from portrait to street to fashion to wedding to abstract photography and more. But there used to be a time when Post mortem photography was into practice. After a person used to die, the relative and closed ones posed the dead as a living being to remember the time they were alive. However, if you look up for these pictures, you will see dead eyes staring back at you. Don’t scroll through the pages unless you want nightmares.


If you are brave enough to go through all these Wikipedia pages and remain unaffected by the kind of information it has, you are either way too strong or simply a psychopath. Either way, enjoy the web world while you can!


So here you have it, Top 10 creepiest Wikipedia pages on the internet. Did we miss something? Do let us know in the comment section below.



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