The previous season came in 2017 and it was announced that finale would be aired in 2019. This wait was way too long. Now we are so close to the finale we just can’t wait. Whenever I open any result related to Game of Thrones on Google many search results with possible theories pop up. So, I decided to put my brain to use and analyzed the show and all the possible theories revolving around it. All the characters play an important role. George R.R Martin doesn’t make any character for the sake of increasing the cast members. So we just can’t wait to see what will happen in the finale and who will sit on the throne ultimately. According to him, the ending would be bitter-sweet and we can agree according to the fate of many noble characters which we have seen throughout the show.





Tyrion being a Targeryan




tyrion lannister

This theory is being proposed by many people that Tyrion is in actual not a Lannister but a Targaryen. The actual reason Tywin hates him is that he is not his son but born out of the Mad king’s attention towards Joanna Lannister. At many instances, he has shown the spite towards Tyrion. Before dying, he quotes that ‘You(Tyrion) are no son of mine’.

The way dragons respond towards Tyrion is also a strong explanation of this logic. But this I don’t support personally as dragons are shown to be intelligent and are never seen harming other people close to their mother(Daenerys).

It would be interesting to see if this theory is actually true.



Daenerys dying in the finale:



daenerys targaryn

Yes yes, many of you think that she is the rightful queen and truly support her claim. But as Jon is not ‘Snow’ anymore and is the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna then there is a possibility that he is the one running ahead in the race to sit on the throne (though he doesn’t want to). To make him undisputed heir to the throne it is highly possible that Daenerys is kept out of the picture.

Some say it would be Jon who kills her. Let’s see what happens.



Bran is the prince who was promised:



bran stark

All the characters of the show have traveled long way to reach where they are right now. But the youngest has seen the most as he has become the Three-eyed raven. The red priestess focus on the prophecy “The Prince who was promised”. People are debating that this is going to be Jon many say that this is Daenerys. But according to some theories proposed by the fans Brandon Stark is the “Prince who was promised”. Daenerys is the queen and Jon is the King in the North. Brandon Stark is referred to as prince in the earlier season. Many have escaped this detail but this is quite evident.

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Jamie is going to kill Cersei:

jamie and cersei



He has loved her a lot and has done many unexplainable and unacceptable things for her. Many he didn’t want to do many he did. As nobody can get close to her (thanks to ‘The Mountain’) he is the only one who can get some alone time with her*ahem ahem*. She has made is clear to him that she really doesn’t care about anyone other than herself and her ‘to-be born baby’. But Jamie’s character has shown many shades in the show where he told Brienne the real reason of bearing the title of “The Kingslayer” and how he actually cares about people when he convinces Cersei to be king to Lady O’Lenna and ensure her a painless death.

It is said that he would kill her for the betterment of all the people of the Westeros and fulfilling a better and greater purpose.



Melisandre arriving with the army to save all:




Many of us probably hate this lady but she is the one who has brought the Ice and fire together. The last we saw her she was talking to Varys and telling him about her plans of going to Volantis. But that is not it for her. She has some agenda that she needs to fulfill before she dies. She tells him “I have to die in this strange country just like you”.

The show has shown the role of other red priestesses where they convince the common folk to believe that Daenerys is the princess that was promised. They worship the lord of the light and believe that their lord would guide them and protect them from the darkness.

It is believed that Melisandre and Kinvara(red priestess who meets Tyrion and Varys) would team up and would probably meet at the Red Temple of Volantis and come back with people who are ready to fight with them as their lord demands. “For the night is dark and full of terrors”.

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Ned Stark being alive:


game of thrones quiz


Nothing sounds crazy in Game of Thrones now as we have seen so much. People coming back from the dead is not a big deal in the show. Take the example of Jon, The hound, The mountain and Beric Dondarrion. But still hearing that Ned Stark would come back sounds a bit crazy.

Theories suggest that Ned Stark and Jaqen H’ghar were prisoners in the Red Keep at the same time. Refresh your memory from season 1. Jaqen and Arya meet for the first time when he is being transported out as a prisoner. Knowing the work of Jaqen we find it hard to believe that he would be captured just like that. He could have done it on purpose. Some say that Varys was the one who made this arrangement and helped hide Ned Stark just to return on time.

I would like this to be true but really don’t think that this is a feasible theory to put my faith into.




Tyrion might betray Daenerys:

Cersei is a master planner and evil. Yes, I know you already know that. She refuses to help Dany and Jon against walkers in the first attempt unless Tyrion convinces Daenerys that he could convince Cersei to help them. He goes to her and was trying to convince her to help them before finding out that she was pregnant. The next thing we know their further conversation is not revealed in Season 7, they are directly shown heading towards the Dragon pit where she agrees to help the North. It is kinda fishy to see her get convinced.

Also, the prophecy made by Maggy that all her children would die has by far been true she also stated that her younger brother will kill her.


Before Tyrion finds out that she is pregnant she was seen accusing him of the murder of their children Tommen and Myrcella as he had killed their father. She believed that if Tywin Lannister was alive nobody would have dared touch their family. So, maybe he is trying to payback for what he did coz he feels guilty or I don’t know. But this one makes sense as the beans are not being spilled in Season 7. He might have promised Cersei that her unborn child would sit on the throne as Daenerys is unable to have children.

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Bran built The Wall:


In earlier episodes, the Three-eyed raven tells Bran that the past is written and he can not do anything to change it but as we saw later he has the ability to affect the past. For instance when he calls out Ned Stark when Lyanna is giving birth to Jon or when he takes control of Hodor to escape the cave. But before that Hodor was perfectly fine. So it is shown that Bran himself doesn’t know the limit of his power as the Three-eyed raven said he is not ready.

People say that we would do the exact same thing to the Night king by affecting his brain as he did to Hodor or he would go back in the past and stop the Children of the forest from creating a Whitewalker.

Bran is named after Bran the builder who actually made the wall. Fans say that every Bran in history is the same Bran who is reliving every single important moment again and again to find the perfect solution to destroy the dead.





Bran being the Night king:


night king


Say Whaaaatttt??? Yes, this is one of the theories out of the many in the market. I find this to be weird as this contradicts with one of the above-mentioned theories of him being the ‘prince that was promised’. He is shown as the hope of destroying the Night King and his army of the dead.

Fans came up with this theory by comparing the clothes of the two and they believe the first Whitewalker the Children of the forest made was a Stark.



Arya would kill Cersei:


arya stark


Arya has had the proper training to be the faceless man and is merciless while killing her targets. She has some names left in her list, Cersei being one of them. Now you would say that in one of the above-mentioned theories we have pointed out the prophecy that Cersei’s younger brother would kill her. But, what if Arya kills Jamie first and use his face just to get close to Cersei and avenging her father’s death.

This way the previous theory of Jamie killing Cersei would also get justified.


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