Traveling with Friends VS Family | Things You Will Relate

To travel is to live. Every road you take has a different view, every place you go has a different story to tell. The place you visit becomes a part of you in some way.
What makes our journey to that place beautiful? Travel companions. We have been on solo trips, trips with friends and family vacations but all have their own flavor. You have to try it to believe it. The whole feel of holiday changes according to the company you have. Here we have made points to show how a trip with family and a trip with friends is different. Check it out-

Traveling with Friends VS Family









The first thing you do is make an itinerary. With parents its mostly religious places like temples, church etc. Offbeat places are off the list.
You make an itinerary with your friends but hardly follow it. Most of the places you visit are offbeat and the main attraction for you guys are the party places.



Speed limit-






You can go bananas with your buddies and yet be safe.
As soon as the speedometer indicates digits in 100’s you get a red flag from your parents. You get the label of a rash driver.








Swinging your mouth open, rolling the windows down, spreading your hair like crazy and singing at the top of your voice is the perk you enjoy only with your friends.
This madness is not well received by your parents. It better be.

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No checking out the game-





Your friends help you locate a hot person of the opposite sex and motivate and push you to start a conversation.
With your parents, you are hesitant to even look at them properly.








Your mother makes sure you guys avoid outside food for at least a day and packs in advance with home-cooked meal.
They keep a watch on what you intake thats why cases of food poisoning and acidity happen mostly on a trip with friends.







With your friends, you live in a dream world and your conversations are mostly air castles. What if we had 2 crores to spend in a day kind of topics excite you.
With your parents, you find it hard to participate as most of the conversations are related to politics and testing your general knowledge.








You organise your clothes and things of basic necessities properly in front of your mother and make sure you keep it back in place.
But when you are your own boss you mostly leave something in the hotel room because hello “not that much organised “.








With your friends, you can curse openly and you guys invent your own abusive terminologies but with your parents, this is a complete no-no.
No matter how pissed you are at someone you cannot cent it out like this.

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The main aim of you guys is exploring and travelling. You will take just one or two souvenirs to remember.
But your mother is the Rachel of shopping. She will but so many things for herself and for everyone she knows. Such a tiring process.








Google maps is an amazing app if it suggests some alternate route to avoid that traffic your father believes the traditional ways of reaching a destination.
Ask someone on the street for directions.
Clash of opinions here!







You have to keep your image from tainting with your family so you cannot get drunk after a limit but with friends, you can actually let your hair down and dance while being drunk. This is a perk we must say.



So these were few things which I have observed and learnt to live with 😝. If you have some more experience then do share your expertise in this area with us in the comment section below.
Till then keep travelling πŸ™‚

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