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Travelling with BAE? Expectations vs reality

Going on a trip with our partner is full of thrill and adventure. We all get super excited only by the thought of going on a trip to another city with the person we care about the most. We build many air castles and get super duper excited. The reality is bit different from our expectations. Yeah we enjoy a lot but there are some things which happen with every couple at some point or other.
Some of those are listed below, have a look- Travelling with BAE


1. Arrival issues



Leaving on time with your partner who is already waiting in the lobby for you to arrive and comfortably boarding the train or flight as booked by you. Everything goes as per your plan and assumptions.


Either your partner is not on time or your train is late even the flight is delayed many times. This makes you restless and your thoughts start going haywire. If your partner is late then god help them.

2. Making hotel reservations



Surprising the other person by pre-booking the room online and getting it decorated with flowers. The room is equipped with all the facilities. Getting a warm hug in return. ‘Sigh’ *blush*


Arriving at the hotel and finding it different from the one shown in the pictures uploaded online. After much hue and cry you either get the refund or you adjust in that room. In both cases, your plan is ruined.

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3. Eating out



Exploring local food joints offering the wide variety of cuisines. Also taking a few boxes for your loved ones waiting at home.


After roaming everywhere you are tired and order from room service. But the prices are too high so you visit any nearby place to kill those hunger pangs.


4. Shopping



Finding offbeat stuff and buying that. After visiting all the tourist places this is the last agenda in your list.


The first thing your BAE starts is shopping. Although all the things are easily available in your area at cheaper prices the argument you get in response is that “these will be our memories “. “I am just taking a souvenir “.


5. Nightlife



After roaming the whole day rejuvenating by exploring happening places at night and dressing up real nice.


You want to go but your energy has gone into the negative. Both of you are so tired and decide to call it a day and go to sleep as soon as you arrive in your room and lie on your bed.


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6. Hanky panky



You dream about all your fantasies coming true so you replay all the action in your head again and again.

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After roaming for the whole day and draining your energy the only action you get is you both lying unconsciously on a bed fighting for space and snoring 😜


7. Exploring the New City



You have this buildup in your mind and have the list of all the places you want to visit. You have all the ideas, on what are you gonna do. What you gonna wear? How are you gonna pose? etc.


When you actually reach that famous place, you realize that there are hundreds of people like you. The crowd and the rush sometimes kill your mood. Instead of checking out all the things, you just wanna go back to the hotel and lay down.


This was our take on exception vs reality when you are travelling with BAE. It is not bad all the time, we create memories and once the vacations are over. You actually miss that.

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