This weather calls for spending some time in the highlands where the temperature is not so high. The only problem is that even in the mountains it can get quite hot on the foothills, so to enjoy the cool weather to the fullest you must try one of these treks in the Himalayas.
The golden rule while deciding the time for any trek is to avoid the rainy season as that increases the chances of landslides.

In this article, we are putting together some of the most amazing treks in India.

Awesome Treks in India

1.Rupin Pass Trek

A slightly challenging trek, located at 15000 feet in Himachal Pradesh, is one of the most popular treks in India. You simply have to follow the Rupin river, starting from a small town Dhaula near Dehradun up to the waterfall in the hanging village of Jhaka. The scenic beauty of trekking alongside a river will leave you in wonder.
Best Season: May to June

2. Goechala Trek


Another beautiful trek along the Dzongri- Goechala trail, it is one you will enjoy immensely. The majestic view of the Kanchenjunga and Mangru is a sight to behold. Located at 16000 feet above sea level it is the highest point of the Himalayas in Sikkim. The shortest trail of this trek starting from Yuksom village will take you around a week.
Best Season: From the end of April of June

3. Pin Parvati Pass Trek

This trek starts in Manali from the Parvati Valley and ends in Spiti Valley. At a height of 17000 feet above the sea level, it is one of the most challenging treks in the Himalayas. Going up to the Rudranath Mandir which is a famous stone carved temple of Shiva. The beautiful and exotic flora along the trek is exquisite. You may also see the Himalayan brown bears.

4. Stok Kangri Trek

The thought of climbing the Stok Kangri in Ladakh peak at an exalting 20,500 feet will leave you tingling with excitement. The great height of this trek poses difficulty in breathing as the air gets thinner and the temperature may actually drop down as low as -20 degrees. Luckily the best time to go on this is just around the corner in July.

It is a nine-day trek starts from Leh. The sight of green patches and beautiful Himalayan peaks is a sight to behold. Stok Kangri Trek is one of the toughest treks in India.
Best Season: Mid June to September

5. Bagini Glacier Trek

This is a nine-day trek at a height of 14,800 feet it is an exhilarating trek to take in Uttarakhand. I mean it is not every day that you get to see a glacier. It starts at Joshimath. On the way you will come across some enchanting places such as Hathi Parvat, Ghori Parvat, Bhumial Temple and Dronagiri Village, which will forever be with you in your memories.
Best Season: Early May to mid-June and late September to mid-October.

6. Hampta Pass Trek

Located in Himachal Pradesh, this six-day trek at a height of 14,100 feet. It is one of the perfect treks for beginners due to its moderate difficulty level. From Hampta Pass up there, the view of the deserts of Lahaul is just magnificent. The best part of this trek is that even though it is a moderate difficulty trek it treats one to various kinds of scenery, from barren land to lush green highlands. The alluring sight of small villages tucked in the folds of nature will leave you wanting more.
Best Season: mid-June to mid-October

7. Buran Ghati Trek

Located in Shimla, the starting point for this trek starts from Janglik. On this trek you will be able to enjoy oak and pine trees along with the blessed Chandernahan lake is very beautiful. Along with this, the sight of various small streams along the way add to the aesthetic value of the scenes. The view from up top is worth the nine-day trek. Complete with a 400-meter ice wall descent this trek is full of thrilling moments.
Best Season: May to June and September to October

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8. Indrahar Pass Trek

This trek is open in two seasons. The first season is in May and June, while the other season is in September and October. The starting point of this trek is in McLeod Ganj near Dharamsala and brings to you some picturesque scenes of the Pir Panjal mountain range. This trek is at a height if 14,245 feet above sea level and its difficulty level are moderate. The special thing about this trek is that it takes the same route as was taken by the Gaddi shepherds when they took their sheep to their summer feeding grounds. It will also take you across Lakes Makiani and Kareri.
Best Season: June to October

9. Har Ki Dun Trek

This trek will give you a glimpse into the typical lifestyle of the small villages which are over 3,000 years old. Known for its beauty Har Ki Dun peak is a splendid sight to behold both in summer and in winter. It will take you in the quiet places where one gets to see birds and wild boars in their natural habitat. The path of this trek is rumored to be the same path that the Pandavas took to heaven.

The villages in this valley are one of the few places in this country where a Kaurava warrior is worshipped. They are strong believers in Duryodhan. From the top, you get a panoramic view of a plethora of mountain peaks. The difficulty level of this trek is moderate to easy. Touching a maximum height of 11,675 feet it will take around 7 days to complete the trek.
Best Season: April to June and September to December

10. Bhrigu Lake Trek

A 4-day trek, reaching up to the height of 14,000 feet this is considered to be an easy to moderate trek to go on. But the scenery will leave you astounded, with a bit of snow still left to melt in June the whole place looks magical.

From the Bhrigu Lake is located in the Garhwal Hills one can see the peaks of the seven sisters, the Pir Panjal mountain range and Hanuman Tibba. One should visit this awesome treks in India to see the sheer beauty.
Best Season: mid-May to October.

11. Prashar Lake Trek

This trek is the perfect way to begin trekking if you are interested. At a height of 8960 feet in Himachal Pradesh, this is a two-day trek and when you reach the sight of the lake surrounded by Himalayan peaks is a beauty to behold. The temperature remains moderate and rarely drops below the freezing point. The sight of various mountains such as the Pir Panjal adds to the luster of this trek.
Best Season: early May to the end of July.

12. Chanderkhani Pass Trek

Located in the Kullu Valley, this pass at a height of 12000 feet offers a plethora of beautiful sights on the way. The trek takes a total time of 5-4 days and the difficulty level is said to be easy to moderate. Full of lush green Alpine trees, this trek will be a treat for nature lovers.
Best Season: mid-May to end September, except for July and August.

13. Markha Valley Trek

Located in Ladakh this is among the popular trekking destination in the valley in June. At a height of 17,100 feet, which takes around 8-9 days this is a moderate to difficult trek to go on. But the beautiful sight of Kang Yatze, Stok Kangri and K2 Peaks are totally worth the walk.


You will get to see the cold desert of Ladakh along with various small streams and exotic fauna of the Hemis National Park.
Best Season: Middle of May to September.

14. Tarsar Marsar Trek

A seven-day trek through the beautiful valley of Kashmir, it is a moderately difficult trek. With the sight of two beautiful high altitude lakes, Marsar and Sundarsar, this is trek will leave you with beautiful memories.

The picturesque meadows of Kashmir that you will wake up to every day is more than enough motivation.
Best Season: June to October

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15. Bara Bhangal Trek

A 11089 feet high trek in Himachal Pradesh, you will get to have beautiful views of Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal ranges. Some beautiful places that you will come across are Thanpri Tibba, Devi ki Marhi, Dal Marhi and finally Bara Bhangal. This trek is best suited for the experienced trekkers as it may get quite challenging.
Best Season: May to September

16. Deo Tibba Trek

Another trek in Manali, it takes around 6-7 days to reach the top which brings to l you the splendid view of Indrasan and a glacier, Jagatsukh. It is considered to be a moderately tough but one of the most picturesque treks in Himachal Pradesh. A high altitude lake and Ravi river flowing along the trail adds to the beauty of this trek.
Best Time: June to September

17. Nubra Valley Trek

Located in Ladakh near the Saltoro and Karakoram ranges this trek is one to take if you are a nature enthusiast. The trail has many shrines and Buddhist prayer places and you will get to experience the culture so closely.

Reaching a maximum height of 16895 feet above the sea level, this trek will take nine to ten days and is considered to be a moderately difficult trek. On the trail, you will be crossing the Khardung La pass which one of the highest motorable roads in India.
Best Time- Mid June to Mid October

18. Valley of Flowers Trek

Declared by UNESCO as a world heritage site, it is probably the most beautiful trek in India and has over 300 varieties of flowers. The sight of snow-clad mountains towering over meadows of colorful flowers such as primulas, asters, Epilobium, rhododendrons, and marigolds is enough to make your day if not a whole week.

On this trek, you will also pass the Hemkund lake leaving you to feel in the devout presence of God Himself. Starting from Pulna Village which is an hour ride from Joshimath, this is a moderate to difficult trek to go on. Valley of Flowers is one of the most amazing treks in India.
Best Time: June to September

19. Chenab Valley Trek

Yet another trek which will leave you surrounded by beautiful flowers like the valley of flowers trek. But this one is not as well known as its counterpart. Located in Himachal Pradesh, the highest point is 13000 feet above the sea level, it takes nine days to reach there and the trek is of moderate difficulty level. The trek begins from Vishnuprayag, near Joshimath and reach the beautiful meadows with over 500 varieties of flowers.
Best Time: June to September

 20. Phugtal Monastery Trek

A memorable trip up to the Phugtal Monastery located in a cave, is built on a cliffside which makes it tough to reach but the view of the monastery will make it feel worthwhile. The monastery is over 2250 years old and a place to immerse yourself in Buddhist culture and their beliefs. The Zanskar river flowing along the trail at times just adds to the magical feeling of this trek. The trek starts from Raru in Himachal Pradesh and takes around 2-3 days. It is an easy to moderate difficulty level trek at a height of 13,123 feet above the sea level.
Best Time: June to September

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21. Kheerganga Trek

The sight of the panoramic skies at a height 10,006 feet above sea level. The trek takes 3 days and 2 nights, it is at one end of the Pin Parvati range. It is a 12 km on one side and is considered to be moderate to easy trek to go on. The base camp is in Kasol which is a very popular vacation point among travelers.
Best Time: October to June

22. Chadar Trek

Located in the Ladakh region, at a height of 11,100 feet above the sea level, it is a considerably tough trek to go on. The trek starts from Leh and ends in Zanskar river which is frozen, that is why this trek is also known as the frozen river trek, the river becomes a thick sheet of ice which is a beautiful sight to behold.

On reaching Leh you will need some time for acclimatization so plan your trip accordingly. It is one of the most spectacular treks in India with awesome landscapes and scenery.
Best Time: January and February

23. Sandakphu Trek

The highest peak in West Bengal and the stimulating view from the top is everything one would expect to find and more, you get to see Mount Everest and Kanchenjunga at the same time. With immersing beauty of the surrounding Himalayan forests this is said to be one of the best ones in India.

The trek starts from Manebhanjan all the way to Sandakphu peak, the Singalila Ridge which lies in the way is a mesmerizing sight and another attraction of this trek. The maximum height you will be trekking to is 11940 feet and the trek is of easy to moderate difficulty level.
Best Time: April to May or October to early December

24. Brahmatal Trek

This is a snowy trail which is the best tread upon in the chilly winters of January and February when you will get a chance to play with ample of snow. It is an easy trek with a gradual and therefore perfect for beginners. At a height of 12,000 feet above sea level, it will take you around 6 days to complete this and the total distance walking is 24 km. One of the nights you will be camping bears the Bekaltal lake which adds to the luster of this alluring trek through alpine forest.
Best Time: December to March

25. Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

As the name of this trek suggest you get to a lot of alpine lakes. But it’s two or three lakes, there are a staggering five stunning alpine lakes which lie on the way of this trek. I won’t be exaggerating if I say it is one of the most gorgeous treks in India. Located at a height of 12000 feet, with walking distance being around 72km it is a moderate to difficult trek to go on. If you are up for the difficulty level, this is one trek you should not miss out on at any cost. One of the most beautiful treks in India.

Best Season: June and September excluding the rainy season.

So here you have it. Some of the awesome and most beautiful Treks in India for people who love trekking. Which one would you try next?



    Great post with amazing trek to explore. I really like the list of 25 amazing trek that you have listed. I really like your golden rule that you have mentioned, whereas an idea of avoiding the raing season while deciding the time for trek is really a great idea and must be followed by every trek lovers. Your all the listed trek are amazing but i truly like an idea of Bagini glacier trek, Buran ghati trek of shimla. Markha valley trek of ladakh, Flowers valley trek of India, Chenab valley trek of himachal pradesh and great lakes trek of Kashmir.

    Really helpful post, as this post will be helpful for trek lovers and those people who like to travel different places.

    Thanks for sharing.


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