Swag Note: This post 17 Types of People You Will See in the Metro Every Now and Then is from our daily observation. We didn’t mean any discrimination. I hope you can relate

Most of us have traveled in the metro at some point or other. Metro has made our lives easy, we can avoid all the hustle bustle and traffic to reach a place in stipulated time. Plus AC is a bonus in the scorching heat. Being a daily commuter I have observed many kinds of personalities in a metro. Some people are annoying, some are sweet. So I decided to compile a list of such people. Have a look-

Types of People You Will See in the Metro


1. The loudspeaker-

Dedicated to all the aunties talking on the phone. It is their duty to inform all the people sitting near them about their whereabouts.


2. The peeping tom-

types of people you will see in the metro
In every coach, there is surely a peeping tom. These people are very interested in looking at other people’s phone and have their fun.


3. The couple-

Aah! College time and all the adrenaline rush, who doesn’t love it… At metro stations as well as in the metro finding couples giggling is a common site.


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4. Couple separator –

Having talked about the couple how could we not talk about the aunties who separate them. They purposely make the boy get up and offer the seat. The most frustrating thing to see.


5. Selfie queen-

types of people you will see in the metro friends-selfie
These are the most common among types of people you will see in the metro. The moment she sits she keeps running her finger through her hair and changing angles and pouting. Still not satisfied.

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6. The Nerd-

types of people you will see in the metro friends-selfie
Sitting on the floor with a pencil in one hand and notes in the other, these can easily be spotted in the early hours. Mostly these are college students studying for their exam.


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7. The novel reader-

types of people you will see in the metro the novel reader
They are so engrossed that I even saw one girl miss her station. But not her fault anyone can get addicted to reading.


8. Let me get ready-

As soon as she sits a small bag comes out of her handbag and then the process of applying everything to her face starts.
Not all girls possess this talent.


9. The guy that stares-

types of people you will see in the metro stare guy
We all have seen such guy. They keep looking at a girl till she notices. Lowering the gaze is not in their behavior. All the people sitting near you see you. You can stop now!


10. Traveler-

Loaded with many bags and not able to manage them. These kinds of people on board from a station near the railway station or bus station. Sometimes they don’t mind a helping hand.


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11. Annoying kids-

types of people you will see in the metro annoying kids
Either they are spotted crying or eating or shouting at their sibling.
All of a sudden your earphones seem useless. Oh, I just forgot to mention their favorite game- circling the pole.


12. Standing at the junction-

types of people you will see in the metro mark hammil
The whole coach is empty and even seats are available but some of the guys prefer standing near the ladies coach. Couldn’t be more annoying.

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13. Get out of my way-

types of people you will see in the metro get out of my way

We all know that metro can get crowded sometimes. If you are a daily traveler, you know that there are few stations where you can hope to get a seat. Then comes these kind of people, who would push away anyone in their way, just to grab that vacant seat. And the sense of relief in their eyes, you know it is feeling of accomplishment.


14. Deadline catchers-

working in metro

Most of us procrastinate, it in our nature. But sometimes you will find such people in the metro. They would be doing something and by the looks of it, seems like they have a deadline. We have all been there.


15. Nap Partners-

types of people you will see in the metro sleeping beauty

I am sure we have all seen these kinds of people. As soon as they find a seat, they would be floating in the dreamland. To make matters worse sometimes they will miss their stop.


16. The nation wants to know-

types of people you will see in the metro debates in delhi metro

It’s not limited to metros, You will find these people almost everywhere. They would pick a topic in politics, cricket, economy or maybe a celebrity and start a debate. may have encountered these people.


17. Clueless Traveler-

types of people you will see in the metro lost

Another stereotype among types of people you will see in the metro. Often ask others, Where I can catch the metro for Jahangirpuri? How do I get to this place? Sometimes it is okay but sometimes it is annoying.


Conclusion – Types of People You Will See in the Metro

So these were our picks for 17 types of people you will see in the Delhi Metro. Did we miss anything? Do share your funny metro encounter with us in the comment section below.

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  1. Haha B! You see these cats on the subways of NYC too. Loud talkers are non existent though; New Yorkers tell them to shut the eff up LOL. Keep quiet rule of subways, largely, although some kids play music.


  2. Hahahah.
    This was really an amazing and informative post.
    It looks like you have written this post after various
    analysis and researches.
    Thanks for sharing with us and keep up the good work.

  3. Really amazing thoughts you have shared here, I was traveling to my nearest big city in my country and fell two things “the kid and one person who stares”.

    But I was able to handle these little things 😉


  4. Hi Bhawna,

    It is interesting to know that you take note of each person you meet at the metro, and have successfully created this amazing post with your data. Your post is great and I have learned more from reading it.

    Thank you, Bhawna.

  5. Hello
    Such an interesting post. I have never traveled in the metro, but here great to know that when we travel in the metro, what kind of person we will see. I really enjoyed reading this post. Fun to read about Deadline cathers, Selfie queen and The peeing tom.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great day ahead.
    Praveen verma

  6. Very informative and It was an awesome post. I love reading your fantastic content. Thanks for sharing it with us. We are so greatful to your sharing.

  7. This is so funny Bhawana,

    Lots of nappers here in Japan for sure. You pretty much covered every type. I can’t stand cellphone talkers personally, lol.


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