It was a common sight on Teachers Day to see our seniors dress up as teachers and come to our class for some hours. We really enjoyed the whole process- skits being performed, eating sweets at the end of the function. This was just a little effort from our side to give them a day free and just sit back and relax for a while. Here is yet another article dedicated to the teachers who were patient enough to bear our nonsense. Who helped us to be what we are today, who taught us the importance of hard work and persistence.


Types of Teachers at School We All Had


1. The Funny One

types of teachers at school

The favourite teacher in the whole school. Making any chapter interesting comes naturally to them. We loved attending their lectures. Other sections also wished that they got him as their teacher. One of the most likable types of teachers at school


2. The strict one



The one who had pin-drop silence in his class. Nobody uttered a word in his lecture and you were surprised how can your class be so quiet.


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3. The punishing one

punisher teacher

The favourite past time of these was punishing the students over little things. Didn’t get your test signed? I will punish you. Forgot to bring your notebook? I will punish you.
The homework of there was the first thing we used to do after getting home.


4. The cute one

cute teacher

The one who made us *sigh*. All the girls had a crush on him and never missed his class no matter what coz his smile was a remedy.

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5. The one who took all the free lectures


You just hated and cursed such a teacher. He used to keep an eye on your timetable and took all your games and library periods. You used to run here and there as soon as you saw them.



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6. The free lecture giver


Thank god! We had such teachers who gave free time to us once in a while. This balanced our schedule and we got some time for ourselves. Best teacher ever!


7. The sleepy head


Giving a task to students of copying something from the blackboard or reading a chapter and then dozing off was their cup of tea. You also enjoyed this turn of events as nobody likes to study for the whole day, right?


8. The share it all teacher


kidsImage Source – Mashable

They used to tell their experiences to all of us and we thoroughly enjoyed getting the wisdom. They had a story ready for every happening.


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9. The friendly one

The one who had all our secrets safe with him and guided us in hard times without judging us. They were very frank and called a spade a spade. We all went to them with our problems and shared our worries and troubles with them freely.


These were some types of teachers at school who made our school life interesting. If you encountered some other category ? then do let us know.

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