Sci-fi movies are pretty awesome when it comes to entertaining people and showcasing creativity and imagination at its best. When we talk to a sci-fi genre fan he will suggest some so-out-there movies but in this post, we have listed the names of all the best yet underrated sci-fi movies which you would definitely enjoy if you are a fan of this genre and looking for something new to watch.


Underrated sci-fi movies

Dark city

IMDb rating- 7.6                                                                                 Available on- Amazon prime

The movie has a very fresh and different concept. A city is controlled by a group of aliens known as “The strangers”. In a hotel situated in the city, John wakes up and has no memory whatsoever. He is apparently wanted for committing multiple murders. He discovers the aliens while looking for answers. This is one of the best sci-fi movies. The movie came out in 1998 but don’t underestimate it, give it a go and you will thank us later.




IMDb rating- 6.2                                                                                            Available on- Youtube

This is from the best sci-fi movies Reddit list. If you like the cocktail of fantasy and comedy then this will be a good option for you. The movie is about a carefree girl, Gloria, who loves to party and is recently thrown out of her apartment by her boyfriend. Nowhere to go, she visits her hometown. A giant creature is unleashed on the world and causing a catastrophe. She realizes that she has some connection with the events and must figure out a way to stop the madness before the whole world pays the price.




Blade Runner: 2049

IMDb rating- 8                                                                     Available on- Youtube, Amazon Prime

A dangerous blade runner is missing for 30 years. An officer of the LA Police Department uncovers some disturbing news that can shake the whole world. He sets out in the search of the blade runner. The plot of the movie is very unpredictable and will keep you hooked till the end. This is the best yet one of the most underrated sci-fi movies which you must not miss out on.


IMDb rating- 7.1                                                                                               Available on- Netflix

Snowpiercer is one of the best-underrated sci-fi movies on Netflix. Some of the people who have survived the ice age are now living on a luxurious train. The train is occupied with rich and poor alike and cuts through snow and ice very easily. The poor people decide to take control of the engine room so that they could improve their lot. The movie has some amazing visual effects which will make it a treat to watch.



IMDb rating- 6.2                                                                                  Available on- Amazon Prime

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This underrated sci-fi movies on Netflix is a perfect blend of sci-fi and drama. This is a movie with some family drama, scientific studies and procedures, and mother-daughter bonding and sacrifices. Gwen’s life derails when she is fired from her job. She takes desperate measures to let it not affect the lifestyle of her daughter. As a last resort, she agrees to be a part of some procedure that is still under its initial testing phase.


Under The Skin

IMDb rating- 6.3                                                                                  Available on- Amazon Prime

There is an extraterrestrial being who is roaming Earth in the form of a woman. She attracts naive and gullible men into her van and then sends them to some other dimension. They are used as a piece of meat there. The performance by the star cast was applauded and the storyline is quite different. This is one of the most underrated sci-fi movies 2020.



IMDb rating- 6.7                                                                                                Available on- Netflix

Freaks is a story of a 7-year-old girl who does not know anything about the real-world because her father keeps her away from the outside world. She grabs the opportunity when she gets a chance to experience the outside world. There are many dangers but she is ready to face and fight them all.



IMDb rating- 7.2                                                                                  Available on- Amazon Prime

Did you ever think that the sun needs re-ignition? No, right. We didn’t think that as well. The movie is based on the story of astronauts who go on a savage yet dangerous mission to reignite the sun. This is one of the most underrated sci-fi movies which received good reviews but was not able to gross high value at the box office.


The Man From Earth

IMDb rating- 7.9                                                                                            Available on- Netflix

This is the story of a man who does not age and is living his life from century to century. He used to be a caveman and relocates every year to a different area so that nobody recognizes him. This is one of the most underrated sci-fi movies on Netflix.




IMDb rating- 6.6                                                                                            Available on- Youtube

If the movies with stories about aliens interest you then this is just the right and one of the best sci-fi movies for you. Signs of extraterrestrial life are detected on Mars by some astronauts. Later it is discovered that the aliens are dangerous and super intelligent.

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Valerian and The City of a Thousand Planets

IMDb rating- 6.5                                                                                            Available on- Netflix, Amazon Prime

The future of the entire species lies in the hands of two operatives of a space station. An evil force is threatening the entire universe. They must fight back to fight off these evil forces. The storyline is not that riveting but the special effects make up for it. The movie will prove to be a good watch.


Hardcore Henry

IMDb rating- 6.7                                                                                            Available on- Netflix, Amazon Prime

A man discovers that he is a hybrid, half-robot, and half-human. He is blank and has no memory of his past life. A woman who claims to be his wife is kidnapped by some blood-thirsty psychopath who plans to destroy the world. He embarks upon a journey to rescue his wife and discovers his new abilities.



High Life

IMDb rating- 5.8                                                                                                                           Available on- Amazon Prime

A father-daughter duo is the last survivor of a dangerous mission to outer space. They are now trying to survive the new dangers of the space by relying on each other. The movie really messes with your head and is a one-time watch.




IMDb rating- 6.3                                                                                                                                       Available on- Netflix

Another underrated sci-fi movies about supernatural powers attacking our planet. Soldiers are battling the supernatural powers and protecting New York City. The performance of the star cast is really mind-blowing and the effects are also very visually appealing.



IMDb rating- 6.8                                                                                                                                       Available on- Netflix

Things go haywire when a police robot is stolen by a group of dangerous terrorists. They re-program it and the robot is able to feel and think on its own. The concept of the movie is fresh and unique and is one of the most underrated sci-fi movies to watch.


The Host

IMDb rating- 7.1                                                                                                                            Available on- Amazon Prime

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The movie is based on the story of a family that decides to rescue their daughter from a monster in Seoul. The monster is dangerous and comes out of the Han river and takes a girl to be its captive. This is one of the best sci-fi movies for you to watch.



A Scanner Darkly

IMDb rating- 7.1                                                                                                          Available on- Netflix, Amazon Prime

Trouble arises when a special agent becomes a drug addict in the process of catching drug traders. Keanu Reeves plays the role of this undercover agent. He has to keep his identity safe to uncover the people behind this drug peddling.


Midnight Special

IMDb rating- 6.6                                                                                                          Available on- Netflix, Amazon Prime

The movie is about a young boy who has special powers and people are chasing him to take advantage of that. His father makes all the possible efforts to outrun them and keep him safe.




Alita: battle angel

IMDb rating- 7.3                                                                                                      Available on- Youtube, Amazon Prime

Alita is a cyborg who is on the path to learn about her past and discover her true self. She is revived by a doctor who believes that she has the soul of a teenager. this sci-fi movie has amazing action sequences and is a treat to watch with an interesting storyline.


Silent Running

IMDb rating- 6.7                                                                    Available on- Netflix, Amazon prime

An ecologist is responsible for maintaining a greenhouse on a space station with the help of robots and limited people. He wants to preserve the extinct botanical life for future generations. Trouble knocks at his doorstep when he is asked to destroy the greenhouse and all the flora along with it. He does everything possible to preserve it with the help of very loyal but few people.

Alien Raiders

IMDb rating- 5.6                                                                                  Available on- Amazon prime

When dangerous aliens are planning and trying to capture Earth and establish their control all over it, a group of trickster scientists seizes a grocery store and its members as hostages. Their main aim is to stop the alien attack at any cost and keep Earth safe for everyone.



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