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Top Brands That You Didn’t Know Were Indian

Everybody knows that most of our favorite high-street brands are international. That is why every time when we have to shop for any event or maybe even a slightly important occasion, we make a choice to the most fancy-sounding brands we’ve always aspired to own. Well, did you know that there are many Famous Indian Brands that we thought were foreign?  Here is a list-

Lesser-known Fashion Brands that are Indian

1. Flying Machine

flying machine
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Flying Machine is India’s first native denim brand! It really doesn’t get more Indian than this. The brand is owned by Arvind Lifestyle and was launched in 1980.


2. Da Milano

unknown Indian brands da milano
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This, a very fancy-sounding brand is Indian from where we all want to own a bag. The name of this brand can be easily mistaken for some very high-end Italian brands. Da Milano means “of Milan” in Italian. this brand is one of the oldest and best leather accessories brands in India. This is among the unknown Indian brands

3. Van Heusen

van heusen
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Van Heusen is a dutch name. that’s all that’s Dutch about this brand. it is a premium fashion brand and later it is owned by an American company called PVH Group then it operates under and it is licensed by Madura Fashion & Lifestyle by Aditya Birla Group in India!

4. Monte Carlo

unknown Indian brands - monte carlo
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when we Think about  Monte Carlo, the first thing which comes in mind is sweaters! This brand is known for its extremely famous, stylish and warm woolens, especially sweaters. The company chose an Italian name because of the Indian’s love for the foreign-sounding luxury brands. The brand is a division of the Ludhiana based Nahar Group.

5. Hidesign

unknown Indian brands- hidesign
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well, we all want a fancy bag from Hidesign? it sounds international but, Hidesign is actually the name of a leather manufacturer in Pondicherry! They also provide leather goods and accessories to various other big brands worldwide.

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6. Louis Philippe

louis phillipe
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Louis Philippe is a famous luxury fashion brand that offers attire for men inspired by global trends at an affordable and reasonable price. The brand is owned by Madura Fashion & Lifestyle which is a division of Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Limited.

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7. Allen Solly

allen solly
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Allen Solly this famous name is well known for their formal wear or “smart casuals”. Madura Fashion is the owner of this brand. Within two years of its launch, the brand gives the definition of ‘what people wore to work’!

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8. Peter England

peter england
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when we hear the name  Peter England, it’s very natural to believe that it’s an international brand. Even though it isn’t! it is one of the largest menswear brands in India, Peter England is also a division of the Aditya Birla group. Many people think that Peter England is an English brand, it is among the unknown Indian brands.

9. Spykar

unknown Indian brands
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Indian denim brands, Spykar Lifestyle stands apart as one of the biggest and quickest growing brands here. Propelled in 1992 by Prasad Pabrekar, the brand, throughout the years, has experienced thick and flimsy in the Indian market.

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