India is a lively country full of surprising distinctions. It is the world’s seventh biggest country by size and second-largest by people, has a rich legacy that has been shaped by centuries of diverse civilizations and traditions which is why people love to visit these unusual places to stay in India.

It is known for its wonderful royal and ancient sites, which are both unique and fascinating. People come from all over the world to these exotic places to stay in India. These unique stays in north India and south India areas are filled with their natural beauty and attractions.

India offers visitors the chance to visit a variety of religious places and spiritual experiences, while environment enthusiasts will appreciate the country’s sun-drenched beaches, lush national parks, and fascinating animal sanctuaries.

Here are some of India’s very unique and fascinating places to stay:-

Unusual places to stay in India 

1. Tree House Hideaway, Bandhavgarh


unusual places to stay in India


There is a road to hide away from imagination on and amid the trees in our five tree homes. On the 21-acre property, guests have the option of staying in the comfort of their accommodations or venturing out into the tiger-infested wild.

The land boasts a variety of resident birds, reptiles, and animals that live among the forest trees, and the region has evolved into a tiny secure park for them. You may spend your time alone and undisturbed in the privacy of your accommodation, or you can explore the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve in search of wild creatures and birds.

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2. Everest Base Camp, Mussoorie


unusual places to stay in India


Everest Base Camp is a modern camper’s playground with luxury tents placed in an undisturbed Mussoorie environment, a homage to the experiences and legacy of Sir George Everest, the erstwhile surveyor general of India. There are now two tents available, each with private access to 20 acres of woodland, with five more expected to open in the coming months.

Try a variety of sports such as mountain biking, trekking, archery, and more while living in the woods. Enjoy a picnic in the hills at their Park Cafe, which is 2,160 meters high and has live music, a campfire, and healthy food.

3. Ahilya Fort, Maheshwar, Madhya Pradesh



If you want to personally experience Indian monarchy, get a look into the culture, palace, and feasting of the emperors of ancient India, here is the place to go. On the banks of the Narmada River, the fort features a classic palace setting.

In this fort built by Maharani Ahilya Bai of Maheshwar, you can see the genuine temperament of India’s fierce female rulers. All of the rooms have contemporary conveniences while keeping the historic façade and frescoes. Housekeeping is pleasant and personal, and dining is a feast in and of itself, traveling from courtyards to mandaps around the fort.

4. Della Resorts, Lonavala



Della DATA, India’s first military-themed destination with luxury tents, is located in the lush hills of Lonavala, where you may struggle through a 22-obstacle course designed by a team of special ops veterans. There’s also a military-themed restaurant and nightclub honoring the country’s troops.

If you’re looking for a more peaceful experience, travel a few kilometers away to Camp Della, where you’ll find luxury tents with high-end facilities. It is a pet-friendly hotel with a pool and a gym on the premises.

5. Houseboats, Kerala


unusual places to stay in


Merchant boats used to ply the South Indian coastline between the ports of Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram decades ago. Normally regarded as ‘Kettuvallams,’ these boats have been reconstructed into modern-day houseboats that offer pleasant tours through the rural, unspoiled backwaters while maintaining the history and construction of the original Kettuvalams. Hundreds of houseboats float down the shore, offering an Indianized version of modern-day cruises.

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6. Jungle House, Shimla



Jungle House is the Shimla house of HH Princess Kusum of Bharatpur, a secluded estate set at 7,700 feet on Jakhu Hill. This cabin-style homestay, which dates back to the 19th century and offers two rooms in a stone cottage, is currently accepting reservations.

Your teak-floored apartment has a colonial architectural design and is furnished with luxury furniture, with panoramic views of the mountains. The Jungle House’s meals are cooked by their in-house chef using well-guarded family recipes. In and around the estate, enjoy woodland bathing, history hikes, and rounds of golf.


7. Chhatra Sagar, Rajasthan


The royal camps/tents of Chhatra Sagar are a spoof of the type of camps built up for Rajasthan’s royals on their territorial journeys. In Chhatra Sagar, just a few hundred kilometers from Jaipur or Jodhpur, you may find a hermit. In your unique Rajasthani-themed tent facing the Chhatra Sagar lake, get a taste of royal life while dining on native dishes beneath the stars.

8. GlampEco Stays, Manali




GlampEco Stays is a first in India, offering to lodge in geodesic domes positioned at 2600 meters above sea level. It bestows breathtaking views of the Dhauladhar range and Manali valley. You can find 4 feet-deep snow on the dorms in winters. Hence, providing for a really unique stay.

Stay at the mud house, if you want a real Himachali experience. These provide individual rooms as well as communal dorms. GlampEco Stays provides a variety of experiences for its visitors, including local specialties, guided excursions to lesser-known locations, and adventure activities like snowboarding, skiing, and more.

9. Barefoot Scuba Resort, Havelock, Andaman

unusual places to stay in India


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The Andaman Islands are located off the coast of India and provide an unusual Indian experience in and of itself. If you enjoy snorkeling, diving, and a variety of adventurous water activities, you must visit the Andaman Islands.

After an action-packed day on Beach No. 3, the Barefoot Scuba Resort will be the perfect spot to unwind. There are two sea view cottages, tented huts, and frame huts to select from, with something for everyone’s budget.

10. Kaav Safari Lodge, Kabini

unsual places to stay in India

Kaav is a luxury resort in Karnataka’s Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary that offers tranquility in the wildness of the Kabini forest. For your stay, choose from a few deluxe rooms with balconies or luxury tents with private decks.

Dine alfresco offers views of the pool and verandah. You can relax in the common room, or take a birding tour from the viewing deck. The lodge offers a jungle and boat safari. The lodge even offers kayaking, cycling, nature hikes, and coracle excursions for adventure lovers.




So here you have it, most unusual places to stay in India. Everyone often talks about how wonderful it is to visit India. So, what’s all the hullabaloo about? Why do people want to visit India and why do they enjoy it so much? Traveling affects you physically and psychologically.

The fact that you don’t have enough time or money isn’t an acceptable excuse. You can simply fly for a low price. Even with a newborn, you may travel on weekends or holidays if you have full-time work and a family. And when it comes to India, people are always eager to learn more. Even we Indians like returning to the Taj Mahal on a regular basis. Because the beauty and allure of these locations never fade, no matter what.

With the greatest peacefulness and fascination, we’ve selected the most unusual places to stay in India above.


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