People tend to interest instantly when they hear the word SEX. There are many articles and books written to explain the human body and its pleasure better but we all know people enjoy different kinds of things (this is applicable in the bedroom also). Every country has its own list of things- things which are considered offensive, things which are considered nice, things which are considered weird. People do not shy away from following strange sexual practices. There are many weird and bizarre sexual rituals and customs around the world which will surely make your jaw drop wide open for a minute. Let’s look at all the weird sexual practices from all around the world in this article-

Weird Sexual Practices from all around the world

Egypt- Public Masturbation

weird sexual practices

Egypt is surely a land of many unusual practices which adds a mysterious element to this country. The Nile is the longest river in the world and I guess we have found the answer to why it is so. As we all know the rainfall in Egypt is scarce and the Nile is the main source of irrigation. Egyptians believe that the Nile was formed when God Atum ejaculated after masturbation. People of Ancient Egypt used to believe that jerking off in the river will make sure there is always enough water in the river for good crop cultivation.


Mangaia- Old women sleep with much younger men

Mangaia is the oldest island in the Pacific and has a weird sexual custom. This is an age-old custom of Mangaia where young boys aged around 13 years are supposed to have sex with an older woman. This is done to make sure the boy knows how to make a woman happy and well knows all the pleasure points to please their partners.


Ancient Greece- Young boy lover to an elder male

weird sexual practices

Greece needs no introduction when it comes to weird sex practices. It is a well known socially acknowledged practice where an old man takes a much younger boy as his lover. The main factor which Greeks considered before maintaining a sexual relationship was not affected by gender or age but consent from the person. There are many paintings which depict this practice being followed between two males.

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Nepal- Brothers share a wife

weird sexual practices

How many of you cringed at Pandavas sharing Draupadi as a wife? Polygamy is well heard of and was practised by earlier rulers and in Islam but polyandry is not so common.  .Yes, but that was an exception but this strange sexual practice is common in a tribe which resides in the Himalayan region of Nepal where brothers share a woman.


New Guinea- Sambian tribe drinks semen

New Guinea is the second-largest island in the world and is separated from Australia by shallow Torres Strait. The Sambian tribe of New Guinea has a bizarre sex practice where the boys are separated from their mothers or any other female figure and taken to the elder males who are physically strong. Then the torture begins where their noses are pierced. This is done to remove any poison (influence of women) and then whey are made to perform oral sex on the older man and drink their semen.


Indonesia- Sex with strangers on Pon festival

A small village Solo in Java is the place where this weird sexual ritual takes place. Two strangers meet during this festival and indulge in sexual intercourse. It doesn’t matter if they both are married to someone else. It is said that if the couple has sex seven times during this festival it will bring them good luck.


Papua, New Guinea- Sexual practices at the age of 6 for girls

weird sexual practices

Yes, you read it right. Girls start indulging in sexual practices at a very young age where they probably don’t even know what sex is. This might be illegal in our country but in Trobiander tribe of Papua, it is a very common sexual ritual. Whereas the active sexual age for a boy is around 10-12 years. It is quite a disturbing fact but is practised here.

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Cambodia- Sex will multiple partners before finding the one

weird sexual practices

There is nothing wrong in dating and having sex with someone you have feelings for. Things may or may not work out. But what is strange in this weird sexual practice in Cambodia by Kreung tribe is that the parents build a love hut for their teenage daughters. They encourage them to spend every night with a different guy until they find someone fit to marry. Weird sexual practices from around the world.


West Africa- Wife stealing festival

weird sexual practices

There are many tribes all over the world and obviously, they have different customs. But, one weird sex ritual is followed by the Woodabe tribe of Niger in West Africa. This ritual takes place in the Gerewol festival which is held every year. Wodaabe men dress up and try to impress the wife of another man. If he is successful and the wife is impressed and chooses to spend her time with him then the husband cannot stop her from doing so. Polygamy is widely accepted in this tribe so this is quite normal for them.


Marquesas Island, French Polynesia- Children watch their parents having sex

weird sexual practices

To other people, this is probably the most scarring image if you accidentally walk on your parents having sex. But in Marquesas Island, it is a common practice for parents to have intercourse in front of their children. The main reason is that the houses are very small on this island so it is common for children to sleep with their parents and it is ok for them to watch them getting intimate.


Inis Beag-Make love with underpants on

weird sexual practices

It is quite a basic necessity to remove clothes before intercourse. but, in Inis Beag people make love while keeping their underpants on. Couples believe that doing this keeps the passion alive among the couple. This is done by them because they are a bit sexually repressed.


Chattisgarh, India- No emotional attachment sex

weird sexual practices

People might think of India as a very reserved nation but the Muria tribe of Chattisgarh is quite liberated when it comes to sex. Young men and women practice premarital sex during Gotul and are refrained from being emotionally attached. They can have as many partners as they want. To avoid pregnancy girls drink a herbal potion.

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Columbia- Make a man trip to have sex


Guajiro tribe of Columbia holds a ceremonial dance where people dance. Consider falling in love here the saying holds the literal meaning. If a woman is able to make a man trip then they must have sex with each other.


Haiti- Sexual dance

Haiti is a country in the Caribbean. People gather near the waterfall and get naked. After getting naked they take a bath together and do a sexual dance. People believe that in doing so they make the goddess of love happy and she gives her blessings to the married life.


New England- No-no to penetrative sex

We usually see people going to lengths to have sex but in New England couple do everything else except penetrative sex. They sleep together and are clothed (fully or partially) and try to get to know each other during this period. The only constraint is that you can do anything to stimulate each other but cannot do the main thing.


Rural Austria- Armpit flavoured apples

You might think it is gross but in rural Austria, it is an age-old tradition. Young girls do a traditional dance while keeping sliced apples in their armpits. After the dance, she offers the apple to the man of her choice and he eats the apple. This means that the man is open to loving her and all her body parts.


This was a list of all the weird sexual practices performed all around the world which will make you go WTF. Do let us know what do you think in the comment section below.


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