When we watch a Tv show, it is natural to end up relating to the characters in that show. We relate more to the TV characters of comedy shows rather than mysterious shows. Two of the most widely watched comedy shows are Friends and How I Met Your Mother.

Many other shows also gained popularity like Big Bang Theory, 2 Broke Girls, Two and a half men and many more.

The characters in Friends and HIMYM are the most relatable as they cover almost all varieties of people. The actors portray the roles beautifully and with ease. They are not perfect and have their own flaws which make them so relatable.

We have made a list of the characters from both the shows explaining which quality makes them so relatable to us-



1. Joey Tribbiani-







A dependable friend and is there for everyone when they need a shoulder to cry on or to console them.
Yes! I agree he is dumb sometimes but no everybody knows everything. Also, the fact that he keeps food over everything else speaks to us in a different dimension.

He is a teddy bear who gives you a hug to make you feel at home when words fall short to console you.



2. Ted Mosby-







The main character of the series who is on a quest to find a perfect girl. He never gives up and believes there is someone to understand him and who will speak to his soul and will be the one. He breaks down many times but then again gathers the courage and keeps on sticking to that one ray of hope.

Seasons pass by and your patience fades away but he is persistent and finally gets what he wants in life.

Also, he is a grammar nazi and truly enjoys his work. He is very passionate about what he doea. This is a very common category of people which you will often find making appearances in your life. These two qualities make him so relatable and so adorable.

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3. Rachel Green-







Aah! Every modern girl who is trying to make a mark of herself and become independent surely takes inspiration from our very famous Rachel Green. She is spoiled daddy’s girl who one day listens to her heart and finally decides to follow her dreams.

A fashionista, so obviously every girl can relate to her. She is confused at times but at the end of the day gets what she actually wants.




4. Lily Aldrin-








Aldrin justice! She is the one who tries to make things right by interfering in the life of the others. Yes, it is also kind of irritating also when people try to make decisions for you but we all do it sometimes without realizing.

She is also a badass as shown in an episode and gives great advice. She loves her family truly and does everything possible to keep them happy. A trait we can all relate to.




5. Chandler Bing-






The fear of commitment is a very common thing. This can be applied to anything not necessarily on a person.

We have a fear of commitment for many things- sometimes it’s devoting our time to a hobby every day, sometimes it’s making plans for the weekend. You sometimes things would we be able to do it, it is not my cup of tea to be this dedicated towards a specific task.

But once someone has a hold over his heart he is all in for the game completely. He has a great sense of humor and can’t get serious on little things, again relatable.

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6. Marshall Eriksen-






A guy who truly enjoys being in a relationship and puts his partner at an equally important place when he is making a decision. A great dad, amazing friend and stands up for things which he has faith in. All girls want a guy like him to be with them and love them the way he loves Lily.

At times he gets overly emotional which is an annoying thing. but, don’t we all do it at some point or other. Can’t blame him.




7. Ross Geller-






There are mixed views on his character. People say that he is jealous, over possessive and insecure. Yes! He takes thing a little too far sometimes and wants to keep his loved ones close. He rushes into things and ends up making the wrong choices sometimes. This is a part of life, let’s cut him some slack.

He is very considerate and financially sound person who likes to keep everything organized and plans for the future. Also, he is generous. Well, this speaks to me.




8. Robin Scherbatsky-







Not so girly girl. She isn’t afraid to take charge of her life. Just like us she likes traveling places and wants to make her own name in the society.

For those who think that only boys are commitmentphobic probably have never seen The Robin Scherbatsky. She doesn’t like things holding her back and wants to sore high and reach new heights. She is a normal girl who loses her temper easily but wants all things nice for her friends.


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9. Monica Geller-






All those you want things to be done in a particular way will relate to her. She is very organized and is a cleanliness freak. She is selfless and a giver though she might not seem so.

She gets very competitive and wants to do everything perfectly. She is a go-getter and wins almost at everything she plays. She is always there for her friends even after she fights with them. Independent, strong, fearless is what she really is.






10. Barney Stinson-






He is truly a master of the game. He plans out everything and carries out everything in a systematic and planned way. He doesn’t show but takes care of all things important to his friends.

He is lost in his own world when someone else is blabbering, the most common thing to relate to.

Again, the one with commitment issues but has a golden heart for the one he truly loves.





11. Phoebe Buffay-









She is just beautifully weird and embraces her madness quite well. Don’t we all do that? She lives life on her own terms and is very helpful and generous. Also, she is a very straight-forward person and always speaks her mind.

She respects the point of view of everyone but does what she actually wants to do. Kind of spiritual and is able to manipulate people if she actually wants to. We all have that weird thing inside of her and therefore we find her very relatable.





So, which of the above-mentioned characters is your shadow? Which one do you relate to and why? Tell us in the comment section below.




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