If you are staring at a blank screen wondering what you should write about in your college essay, the first thing you should learn is that you’re not alone. Thousands of students struggle to complete their college essays each year and are confused about what a winning college essay looks like. While the college essay, as it is known, is an integral part of a student’s application, it is often very intimidating to write. The most important thing to know before writing an academic essay is to show your storytelling and originality. We have gathered some important tips to guide you and provide perspective into the best topics you can select to write the best college essay. If you are searching for an essay writing service for your college essay, contact us for an excellent custom paper.

How to Choose a College Essay Topic

Essay topics should be selected carefully and deliberately. A good student will pick a topic that matters to them and provides a wide scope, which will allow them to demonstrate their personality. Here are some of the techniques you may use:

Pick a personal topic to write about

The personal topics could include sharing insights into your personality, your goals, what drives you, any hobbies, and a personal experience that you believe is important to your growth. If you select a personal topic, aim to be honest and ensure you can connect everything you write with your personality and beliefs. The personal topics should be a reflection of who you are as an individual and the values that define you. Examples of topics may include, “how my love for toy airplanes led me to study aeronautical engineering” or “my passion for racing cars.” We provide reliable essay writing services with extensive research based on your topic.

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Select a topic that challenges a belief

These topics allow you to talk about a period or event that caused you to challenge a common belief, either within your family, friends, or the larger community. The topic could also relate to a situation when your individual beliefs were challenged and how you reconcile your views with what you learned. You should also describe how you dealt with the situation. In any of these situations, you should ensure you are specific since unclear details could be detrimental. Consider that the college has holistic admissions, meaning they want to know you as a whole person. Therefore, the belief should be your own and may take many forms, including politics and religion. An example may include, “how standing up for the less privileged became essential for me.”

Topics that demonstrate problem-solving

Under these topics, you can choose a problem that has been plaguing you or people around you. Describe how you identified and eventually solved the issue. In most cases, the topics are a useful way of showing a mature mind that can self-assess and solve problems. The problems you select should lead to personal growth and transformation for people around you. Before you select the topic, it is important to choose one in which you have some previous knowledge. This will help you continue well with your essay topic. In addition, you will feel more comfortable while researching it. An example would be, “my solution to ensure a safe neighborhood.” We provide online writing services to complete your paper on time as you do other things.

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Topics on overcoming difficulties

These topics will offer the admissions officers a great insight into your personality, how you solve challenges and whether you endure any obstacles. Colleges will also learn how you grow, evolve, and learn after facing a difficult situation. You should note that colleges will not evaluate you according to the seriousness of your obstacles. If you choose to write this essay and present it well, the admissions officers will learn you have the intelligence and fortitude to deal with any challenges that arise in college or the real world. College life introduces one to adult life, and the admissions officers will learn whether a student is up to the task.

Topics on extracurricular achievements

Colleges like to hear about how well a student balances their studies with other pursuits, such as extracurricular activities. For instance, if you spend your high school career as an A-student while participating in your institution’s basketball team, you should write about it. Sporting achievements and other extracurricular activities also demonstrate your teamwork, communication, and collaboration skills. If you select these topics, you could speak about what you learned from the activities or hobbies and how the lessons will help you in college.

Topics on your goals and commitments

What are your commitments? Whatever they are, the college admissions officers will want to know. Therefore, share your career or life goals in the college essay. If you have any objectives in life and school, write about them, or even how you plan to make a difference in society. Present the admissions team with a bigger picture about your objectives and commitments.

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What to Avoid in Your College Essay

In case you are wondering what to write about in your college essay and what to omit, it is important to understand what does not work in the personal essay. Here are some topics you should avoid writing about –

  • Criticism of other people, institutions, culture or race, will not work. It will only reflect poorly on you.
  • Never blame your failures on other people when writing a college essay. It will seem like an excuse, which does not work.
  • Avoid repeating information that you provided elsewhere in your application, like test scores or certificates.
  • Avoid bragging or making inaccurate claims to look impressive.
  • Do not present a low, quality, unedited copy. Remember to proofread the essay.
  • Do not plagiarize other people’s work.

So, in case you are wondering what to write in your college essay, hopefully, this article offered some ideas. You should never think you have nothing to write about in your college essay since there are unique experiences in your life that can be shared with the admissions team. Consider the different college essay topics and try to showcase your authentic personality throughout the essay. If you’re still thinking, “How can I pay someone to write my college essay for me?” – feel free to contact experts from essay services to have your papers written from scratch


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