Relationships are fun and it can be hard also depending on the experience you gain from it. Sometimes you find your perfect soulmate and things click. You share the same ideas, the same passion and you understand each other. You also give space to each other and there isn’t any toxicity in it.

On the other hand, sometimes you fall for the wrong person. It could be because of the attraction or you just don’t want to feel alone. There are fights, misunderstandings and things get ugly. I am sure most of you have had a fair share of both good and bad relationships.

In this article, We are taking a look at what they say vs what they mean in relationships.


What They Say vs. What They Mean



  • I want to focus on my career

  • I want to focus on another person

What They Say vs What They Mean



  • It’s not you, it’s me

  • “Inner him/her” It is you


  • I want to stay alone right now

  • I will until I find someone else.



  • I don’t think it is working anymore

  • It stopped working when we had that FIGHT



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  • I wanted something more out of this relationship

  • SEX isn’t that great



  • I think it’s going too fast

  • You are too THARKI



  • I think we should see other people

  • I already have someone on the hook



  • I don’t want to hurt you

  • But I will



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  • I am breaking up with you but I want all good things for you

  • I want to find someone hotter than before you do


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  • I will always remember you

  • Whenever I think of a loser



  • I think it was a mistake

  • I don’t know how I got this much courage



  • We are different people

  • Of course, nobody has the same DNA



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  • I don’t want to waste our time

  • You are not that interesting person anymore



  • I don’t know why we started dating

  • Maybe I had little too much to drink



  • You will find a deserving person

  • I found one



  • You are holding me back

  • I need my freedom



  • Maybe we should stay friends

  • Just to hook up if new one goes into the pooper


So here you have it guys. Some of the most epic “What they say vs. What they mean. Did we miss something? Do let us know in the comment section below.


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