There are times in our life when we feel like staying at home and doing things that feed our soul. Many of us want to try something new and different from what we already do. There are many Things to Do When You are Doing Nothing that will make your life more meaningful in your own eyes. Take a look-

Things to Do When You are Doing Nothing


1. Declutter-

How many times did you get scolded for messing up your closet and not arranging it again? This is the perfect way to start your Sunday morning. Organise your clothes and get rid of those which you have not worn since 1940 because admit it you are never gonna.
Earn those brownie points from your mother as well. ?


2. Play any sport-

Call that friend of yours with whom you used to have endless matches of badminton. Challenge them and relive those precious, fun-loving moments again. Believe me, it will be worth it.


3. Join new dance class-

To release the stress of the entire week and rejuvenate your senses try learning a new dance form. The kick to learn something new and pacing it up slowly and taking it to next level will definitely motivate you.


4. Sing like nobody is hearing-

Studies say that music releases stress. Why listen to music when you can sing. Sing your heart out and forget about the world. You might love it. Worth giving a shot.


5. Music instrument

We all once in our life have thought of playing a musical instrument one day like a pro. Time to give it a serious thought, choose your instrument – be it guitar, keyboard, violin there are many and look for online tutorials or a class near your house.

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6. Long pending book

Due to lack of time, we are unable to read that book we wanted to. Time to take a leap and find that book and enjoying it while sipping your favorite cup of coffee.

7. Making new dish-

Many of us are satisfied by making instant noodles. As comforting it is to avoid the hustle of making a whole dish sometimes it can prove therapeutic. You will feel proud of yourself no matter how the dish turns out to be. Just go to youtube watch a cooking channel gather your ingredients and get started.


8. Calling an old friend

At times when you are feeling low, calling an old friend can uplift your mood. Sharing the laughter and reliving old stories again will surely put you in a better mood.


9. Long drive

If the weather is in your favour, get out of your house pick up your car and play your favourite music and get into the groove. You don’t even need anybody for this, go alone and your thoughts are enough to keep you company.



10. Binge watching

It’s raining outside and you are in no mood to leave your bed. Cool!
Get your laptop and binge-watch your favourite T.V show- it can be comedy, thriller, romantic, suspense depending on your mood. Order a pizza online and enjoy “the perfect day”.


11. Trying your hand at painting

Even if you are not good at it give it a go and see what colors do to you. You will be amazed to see yourself enjoying it. That’s why kids are so happy, they feel the colors ?

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12. Writing a page in your diary

Bring out your philosophical side or write a general description of your day the choice is yours. You can also cut and paste the pictures of the things that interest you. It is going to be one hell of a colorful journal.


13. Swimming

What to do an activity that calms down your senses? Try swimming. It makes you focus on your breath , which soothes you and brings peace to your mind.

14. Surprise your parents

( do something special. maybe take over the house and cook dinner for them )


15. Explore something new in the city

Go to those places you always wanted to visit but never got the time to see.


Final Thoughts – What to Do When You are Doing Nothing

These were some of the things we could think of. A list of Things to Do When You are Doing Nothing. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comment section below.


  1. Hi Bhawana,

    It is interesting to know that whenever I’m not doing or better still have nothing to do, that is when I go decluttering. There will always be clutter somewhere, so I take the time to make it right. I also use that time to read and write. Great article and thank you for sharing.


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