The Boys Season 2 finale will be out on Friday. Before that, you need to decide which The Boys character you relate with the most. If you get a chance to be a part of The Boys, which member you would end up replacing. Are you as soft as Hughie or as tough as Butcher?

Take this quiz to unravel which The Boys character you relate with the most:


Who would you choose to date?

What's your weakness?

Which Supe do you hate the most?

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

What is your dreamjob?

What is your best skill?

If attacked by a gunman, what would you do?

Where do you generally hang out?

The Boys Personality Quiz
William 'Billy' Butcher

You're tougher than a freakin' rock, mate. You're charming and cunning at the same time. You're a force of nature, who can talk almost anyone into anything, either through a smile or brute force – or sometimes both.
Hugh 'Hughie' Campbell

You have the tendency to freak out every now and then, but there are times you don't realize of your own power. You're quite sensible for someone your age.
Mother's Milk (Marvin)

You're definitely down with OCD. But, you're strong, inside out. You're quite handy with helping and caring for others and would do anything for your friends.

You're the go-to guy but you always keep your heart on your sleeve. No one knows the extent of your skills. You care for your friends way too much and would go to any distance for them.

You're quite mysterious. You get angry quite soon and often, you're not able to control it. But, your anger is your defense mechanism as you don't trust people easily.

No matter which characters from The Boys you get, it is going to be freakin’ diabolical. You can stream The Boys on Amazon Prime. You can also take The Boys trivia quiz by clicking here.


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