The Office, especially the American version, has been a complete hit among the Indian audience. People have loved every character of the show and have often tried to either imitate the character or simply recall their dialogues. While most of you adore Micheal Scott for his funny behavior, I love Jim Halpert because that’s the kind of sense of humor I like. Subtle yet impactful.

But when it comes to relating to a character from The Office, I feel that I’ll be more of a Kelly Kapoor. Let’s see which The Office character you will be:


What do you love to eat?

If you're a guy, whom would you date?

If you're a girl, whom would you date?

How will you probably die?

What got you trouble back in school?

Pick a career:

What are you worst at dealing with?

Do you like your job?

What would your ex call you?

How do you blow off steam?

What's the closest to your dream job?

What's your recurring problem when it comes to romantic relationships?

The Office Personality Quiz
Michael Scott

Aren't you the World's Best Boss! It's always so hard for you. I mean, that's what she said. Maybe you can try liking your HR a tad bit more.
Dwight Schrute

Four words for you: Beets, Bears, Battlestar Galactica. Question: How do you know that your friends aren't actually secretly spying on you? Use your martial arts training to find out. You're Assistant (to the) Regional Manager.
Jim Halpert

You're all cute and funny but you gotta stop hitting on your receptionist. Play more pranks on your colleagues because everyone loves that. Also, get a haircut, please!
Pam Beesley

You're creative, smart, and talented, but you often have a hard time recognizing your own strengths. You're also very intuitive, which means people often come to you for their problems.
Angela Kinsey

I am sorry but you're such a bitch! Apart from being a control freak, you love to boss around because, for you, it's "My Way Or The Highway". You love your cats a little too weirdly.
Andrew "Andy" Bernard

You're a typical theatre kid who just breaks out into singing every now and then. You're also a know-it-all who loves to show off their skills in front of your peers because that's what you consider cool. No matter who becomes the Assistant to the Regional Manager, it's you who's gonna be promoted.
Kevin Malone

You're low-key the cutest. You often don't understand the things going around you but hey, who does! Keep eating your cookies and looking for love!
Ryan Howard

Some pointers for you: A) Never ask out a girl on the 13th of February. B) Do not ever start a fire at your office. C) Never start doing cocaine once you get promoted.
Kelly Kapoor

You're just fabulous. Everyone might not like you because sometimes people are really mean to hot popular girls. So, just tell them "How Dare You!" and move on.
Oscar Martinez

You're technically the sanest human in your office. You think and then do things. People might find you different because of your choices but you can simply ask them to talk to HR.
Creed Bratton

You've been involved in many cults both as a leader and as a member. Nobody steals from you and gets away with it. The only difference between you and a homeless man is your job.
Stanley Hudson

Most of the days, you don't care much but you only do when anyone talks of money. You need a cake for your survival. Also, you never stutter.
Toby Flenderson

You're a bit slow but you've your own reasons. You know how to manage the people when they go berserk. You receive this unfathomable hate from the Regional Manager.
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We really hope that someday you get to work at Dunder Mifflin! In case, you haven’t watched The Office, stream it now on Amazon Prime. Mirzapur Season 2 is about come, take the quiz before streaming the season 2.


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