We really hope that you liked the season finale of The Boys and we know that some of you would want to be part of The Seven. What if I told you that there’s a way in which you can determine which member of The Seven you can be! You don’t need any Compound V for that.

All you need to do is take part in this quiz and you’ll get to know which member of The Seven you can be:

Which Member Of The Seven Are You?


If you have to describe yourself in a word:

What is your weakness?

What's the secret that you're hiding?

What heavenly body would you prefer?

What's your moral alignment?

What are you in your gang?

If you ever get to be Supe, what would detail would you want in your costume?

What super power would you want to acquire?

Which cause are you likely to stand for?

The Seven Quiz

Congratulations! Along with the leadership of The Seven, you get the superhuman speed and extraordinary reflexes. You also get a laser view using which you can cut someone into half.

Well, well, well! You get to be the boss bitch. You have the power of memes and social media with you and you can break the wrist of every patriarchal moron out there.

You're the guiding light of righteousness. You are the actual superhero that this world needs and you're also a super good spy.
Queen Maeve

Behold Our Queen Maeve! You're strong like a rock from outside but soft as cotton from inside. You're brave yet feisty.

It's the A-Train, bitches! You're the fastest human alive and you run at the speed of light. Just don't get addicted to anything, as it would be bad for your heart.

Glug glug glug! Well, that's how fishes introduce Deep. You're quite a useful resource but remain from showing off your genitals to fellow colleagues.
Black Noir

Silent, stealthy, and enigmatic, that's how Black Noir is. You get to be The Seven's, superpowered ninja. You also get super-strength and heightened senses are matched only by your proficiency in the martial arts.
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We wish that you get to join The Seven someday. If you still haven’t watched The Boys, stream it now on Amazon Prime.


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