Witty & Badass Harvey Specter Quotes

27 Witty & Badass Harvey Specter Quotes That Will Give You the Much Needed Boost

If you follow motivation pages or hashtags on Instagram you must have come across witty & badass Harvey Specter Quotes. Harvey Specter Attorney at law never looses and has the persona to die for. From the show SUITS, he has become the public’s favorite character. You can find his photos on Instagram with motivational quotes and they are really motivation booster.

His character on the show has shown to be ruthless, witty, charming and very upfront. From the show Suits, I think Donna is my favorite. She has a unique style. Anywho, today in this article we have put together 30 witty & badass Harvey Specter quotes. 


27 Witty & Badass Harvey Specter Quotes That Will Motivate You


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Conclusion – Awesome Harvey Specter Quotes

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9 Replies to “27 Witty & Badass Harvey Specter Quotes That Will Give You the Much Needed Boost”

    1. Hi Ryan,

      Yes, you are right. Hard work always pays off. We have to build our own luck by constantly working towards it.
      Thanx for stopping by.


  1. Hey Bhawna,
    I am an avid Suits fan and I love Harvey’s character. I went through each of the above quotes and now I feel like watching some of the episodes again. These are truly motivating and most importantly, true as they can be.
    Wish you a very happy new year Bhawna.

    1. Hi Vineet
      Happy New Year to you too. I also love this show and the highlight is Harvey Specter.
      Thanx for appreciating this post and the show as well.
      Have a good day 🙂

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