Dating can be hard as we all have experienced it as the part of “growing up” or you can also say “becoming an adult”. It is not anything like it used to be in the old times where our parents used to tell how they found each other and fought hard to make things work. Life long commitment means never giving up on each other. But, the youth now believes in exploring their options and are least interested putting in the effort of making things work as they are already trying to make other things work and give their zillionth percent in that.

If you are not that active and feel like that you are not able to keep up in the conversations involving the use of some specific dating terms or not able to understand the meaning of the word ‘Ghosting’ after your friend explains to you why the guy is not texting you anymore then you must read this post and update yourself with the dating dictionary.

We have made a list of all the dating terms which are very popular.








You go out on a date have a good time and start texting and talking regularly. But suddenly you stop getting replies to your messages. You assume that the person is busy and will contact you soon but it never happens.

This is probably the worst thing to happen to someone. You don’t get a proper break up or closure. This is easy to pull off because of all the social media age and  it is easier to cut off ties and make new connections.







This is the extended version of Ghosting. After a person has ghosted you you think that all is over between you two and make your peace with it. But after a time they contact you and they behave as if nothing has happened and go back to talking normal and all chilled out. This is annoying and is the last thing you want to happen with you.

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This is something where people will text you and give all friendly vibes and flirt a bit leaving you confused. They will be analysing their options while keeping you in the loop. They will disappear for few days and then text you again. There is no effort to meet up and you keep wondering if they are interested at all. The most callous way of keeping someone hanging.



Benching is another dating term similar to ghosting and Breadcrumbing. The difference is that you know that you are being treated as an option in case the things between them and their present flame goes down in pooper. Atleast you have a way out as you are aware of the whoe scenario.






After you have been ghosted you realise that you are being stalked. You will get to know that the person is watching your Insta and Snapchat story and you are left wondering what does it mean. This means you are being orbited. The person is either regretting his decision of ghosting on you or he simply wants to leave the ends open so that he can pursuade you later for hookup if need be.


Tater tot-

Ever wondered why you get attracted to the least decent person. Well this is all psychological and human nature to crave for things and people who challenge you to unleash the rebellious streak in you.

Tater tot is basically a person totally unfit for you but want to be with them anyhow.


Pogo sisters-




There are people who fight with their friends because both have slept with the same man. These girls are also known as ‘Pogo Sisters’.

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Talking about zombies paints a picture in your head of all the dead and buried. Well this is similar to that. when your ex not only stalks you but tries to remind you of things but mentioning them again and again it is like pulling out the dead and cold back from the past. It can haunt you.






Something to fall back on when facing a fall. How many thimes it has happened to you that you meet someone and you really like them but they are taken. They flirt with yu and remember many details about you but are in no mood to leave their partner. You are kept in the loop just in case they need backup when things go down the wrong road with their current flame.






As the term explains itself. Everybody is comittmentphobic nowadays so the anser is to maintain a sexual relationship without any strings attached. You are not together but you are together.






Its hard to get in that door but very easy to get out. One partner puts a lot of efforts to make things work but the other one takes it for granted that they should come running to their aid whenever they ask for it. They respond according to their will. This is called a firedoor.






If you actually overcome all the struggles and get into an actual relationship the next step is to (DTR) define your relationship. Whether you are partners or friends with benefits.


Love Bombing-




Shaking heaven and hell to be with someone but then lose interest after you have tem.

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You go all gaga over the profile picture of a guy on tinder or any other dating app. After talking for sometime you decide to meet in a cafe. You are looking for the guy with the reference of the picture but when the person identifies you and approaches you is different IRL (in real life) that is called Catfishing.






It is similar to catfishing but the difference is that in catfishing people lie about their physical appearance to get a date but in Kittenfishing they lie about other things like their job or hobbies to attract potential match.






Someone is all relaxed that he/she had sex with protection but the other person has taken off the condom without telling the partner. It is kind of disturbing but then there are people who pull this thing off.






As the term suggests this is when you text someone a lot but meet less in person. The relation you develop is more with your phone than the person.







When your date feels like an interview is called daterview.


Micro cheating-




Not cheating all the way but doing harmless things(atleast according to the ceating partner) like texting a cute guy or flirting with someone at the party. People say they didn’t pursue anything and it is just harmless flirting for fun.






When you don’t give a sure shot rejection to a person but make them understand that you are not interested by your gestures. For example when a person is going for a hug but the other one settles for a handshake.

Now that’s some curving people.





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