There are so many things that we experience and handle in our day to day life. When we wake up in the morning, the schedule of the whole day is set and we just run around to complete the errands. We all need some necessary things to survive the whole day.
Just imagine if you keep all the things in your bag then how easy it will be to pass the day productively. These accessories are your savior when you are struggling through the day.
These are some very basic things that will come in handy and you will wish you kept it in your bag as soon as you forget to carry them.
There are some must-haves for your bag, have a look –

               14 must-haves to carry in your handbag


1. Power bank-

power bank

We all know that nowadays all of us survive on our smartphones. It kills our mood if our phone runs low on battery while we are stuck somewhere and there is no power source to charge it. Power banks are easy to carry and come handy in such situations.
Once you keep your phone charged it becomes easy to carry out many tasks as it helps us do many basic things, like booking a cab or ordering food.



2- Power protein bar-

protein bar

For mid-day hunger pangs. It is very filling as its high in protein and provides you with instant energy. It is far better than munching on unhealthy snacks.

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3. Headphones-


Our favorite pass time while traveling in a bus or metro. Almost all of us already have these in our bags. This automatically cuts us from the outside world and provides us with the much-needed entertainment. You can watch videos or listen to songs whenever you want.



4. Tissue wipes-


tissue wipes

It gets humid and the last thing you want is the oil to show on your face. Summers can be tough but that does not mean you get an opportunity to take a break from your work. It helps you clean oil and dirt and is very hygienic. These are better than normal tissues.


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5. Lens solution-


lens solution

Okay, this is for those you wear glasses or contact lenses. When you sit in an Air Conditioned room for long hours your eyes tend to dry and cause irritation if you are wearing contacts. To avoid the discomfort keep lens solution handy in a small bottle.


6. Water bottle-

water bottle

Our body is 70% water. It is very important to keep our body hydrated to keep our hormones working properly and maintain the glow on our face. Keeping a water bottle ensures that you drink water regularly throughout the day.


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7. Lip balm/ Sunscreen-


With sunrays penetrating our atmosphere and harming our skin it is important to keep sunscreen and lip balm in your bag. Applying sunscreen not only prevents tanning but also protects us from UV rays which can cause multiple skin diseases.
Also, keep a lip balm which is tinted to avoid UV rays.

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8. Mint-


We already know this one. To keep you feeling fresh after every meal, mint is very important.


9. Pen and small notepad-



Many times we get an idea while doing something very basic. You can get an idea while traveling or while eating and might not have the time to work on it immediately. To make sure you seal that idea and don’t forget it keep a small notepad and pen handy.


10. Hair ties/clutcher-

hair tie

Not always we have the privilege of opening our hair while working as it can get in our way. Keeping some hair ties can do wonders. How such small things become so useful!


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11. Sunglasses-


A good pair of shades adds an instant glamour to our regular outfit plus they protect us from the harmful UV rays. This is a must-have whether its summer or winters.



12. Perfume-


Nobody likes to sit with a person who smells odd. Keeping a perfume in your bag helps you feel fresh and presentable. Plus a ‘smelly cat’ is always a turn-off.



13. Tampons-


You have calculated your date and its not for like another week. But we know how it is sometimes. How our periods arrive unannounced and we run here and there asking for a pad or tampon. For safety, keep one always in your bag.



14. Scarf or cap-



To protect our hair from dirt and sunlight a scarf or a cap can do wonders. Plus they can be used as styling accessories as they come in different designs and styles.

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So, these were must-haves to carry in your handbag. I always keep these in my bag and it helps me a lot. If you have some other suggestions then do let us know in the comment section below.


  1. Hi Bhawna,
    Your posts are always fascinating in that they are a reminder of of daily life or things we might have forgotten. When I first read the headline of this post, I said to myself, its all about the girlie thing, not for the brothers. But going through I realized it is an article for everyone. For example, the use of a power bank is for everyone, and it is most important because we do most things on our smartphone or mobile devices. In fact, I’m writing this comment from my Motorola smartphone. So the battery is likely to go down anytime, that’s where a power bank comes to play for the rescue. A water bottle is my second take say from this post. It’s import to keep hydrated.

    • Hi Moss,
      Thank you for your kind words. Some of these things are specific to girls but many can be used by boys too. Like you said power bank. Though lip balm and tissue wipes don’t look manly but can be of great use. I am glad you liked this post.
      Have a good one.


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