LGBTQ community has always been in existence but the recent change in Indian laws have made the community feel more welcome and accepted in the society. Contrary to this practice, the millennial generation has comparatively been more open about the whole idea and entertainment industry is working towards normalizing this with varied shows and movies. Netflix is one of the most popular streaming platforms and many LGBTQ tv shows on Netflix 2019 have gained popularity recently.

If you are not updated with the recent LGBTQ wave on the internet and are late to the pride parade, these are the few LGBTQ series Netflix India is streaming and you must watch it right away.


14 Best LGBTQ Show on Netflix


1) Trinkets

best LGBTQ shows on Netflix

Another high school drama added to the list of the damaged teen list. The series revolves majorly around three teenage girls who come from different lifestyle altogether and get united by an eccentric common habit of shoplifting. The protagonist has moved to a new city and is still exploring her sexuality, career choices and life decisions.


2) You me Her

Netflix shows about gay

One of its kind rom-com that revolves around a polyamorous relationship. A suburban couple who has been trying for a baby since a long time decides to hire an escort to find the lost spark in the relationship. The tables turn quite quickly when both of them end up falling in love with the escort. After seasons of drama and complications, three of them decide to marry and officially give their relationship a name, just then the wife gets pregnant!


3) Queer eye

LGBT shows on Netflix

This new Netflix reality show is one of the best gay series on Netflix 2019. The show has gained a lot of popularity with its new concept where five gay men (Fab Five, as they like to call themselves) who have gained expertise in various areas like interior design, fashion and culture make the best use of their knowledge to transform the lives of men around Georgia.

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4) London spy

Best lgbt content/show/series on netflix

London spy is unlike any other gay Netflix series. It does not plot around a romantic situation, but more like a mystery and thriller genre. Two poles apart men Danny and Alex fall in love with each other. Danny is an extrovert, hopelessly romantic and a self-indulgent person, whereas Alex is a very introvert, asocial and a brilliant man. Just when their love story was hitting the right notes. Alex disappears. After some time Danny finds his body and the rest becomes a puzzle he keeps getting lost at.



5) Gypsy

lgbt series on netflix August

The best part about this Netflix series with LGBTQ characters is that it does not defy a particular genre. It is not a funny romantic comedy, not a thriller. It is a psychologically traumatizing piece of entertainment that cannot classify as horror as well. The plot revolves around a therapist who starts becoming the subject of her patient’s narratives as a means of getting out of her monotonous and mundane life.


6) Tales of the city

lgbt tv series netflix india

Tales of the city is one of pretty good LGBTQ shows on Netflix. It is spread across 10 episodes. A middle-aged woman named Mary Ann returns to her home town San Francisco and reunite with her eccentric set of friends. The tales focus on all the people who used to live in an apartment complex by Anna Madrigal who is a transgender.


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7) Sex education

good lgbt shows on netflix

Sex education became one of the most popular LGBTQ tv shows on Netflix 2019. The show casts a pretty sexually awkward teenager who lives with his sex therapist mother. According to the sources, the show received about 40 million streams just within the first month of release and climbed its way to become one of Netflix’s most successful series in history.

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8) Elite


Elite is a Spanish drama about teenagers that centers around three working-class friends who are sent to an elite boarding school and the homophobic drama follows from there on as the boys start their new journey, exploring different opportunities.



9) Sense 8

all the greatest lgbt shows on netflix

This Netflix series deals around the story of eight unique individuals who are coincidently born on the same day and can connect’s actions and thoughts. This is one of the most interesting and diverse and queer-friendly Netflix show ever made. If you are into watching a lot of bold scenes and no-nonsense orgies, this is the piece of content for you.



10) Ru pauls drag race

gay series on netflix 2019

One of its kind American reality completion and stands to be one of all the greatest LGBTQ shows on Netflix. They are back with the ninth season and features Rupaul who plays the mentor, host and head judge of the show who is all set to find America’s next drag superstar. The show is quite entertaining and comes with a different challenge every week.



11) Bonding


Bonding is a sheer mix of fun and comedy. The story deals with a psychiatry student who passes off as a dominatrix and also enlists her gay best friend from school to be her assistant. As the series unfolds, her assistant comes to terms with his sexuality and a brand new concept of sadomasochism.



12) Everything Sucks!

Everything Sucks!

This coming of age new Netflix series with LGBTQ characters is set in the mid-nineties. This show will give you a heavy nostalgia and like any other teenage drama, it also revolves around awkward teenager living the high life and struggling to come in terms with her sexuality in a world which is not as open as today about LGBTQ community.

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13) Orange Is the New Black

Orange Is the New Black

Started as one of the prison drama, Orange is the new Black digs a lot of lesbian love stories, physical relationships and meaningless selfish intimacy among the inmates. The main character Piper Chapman is sentences for a year of imprisonment and the plot reflects how she adjusts to the prison life. The prison is filled with desperate female inmates looking for new prey every next day.


14) Please like me

Please like me

After getting dumped by his girlfriend, Josh who is a high school going 20 something boy realizes he is gay. After the realization hits him, he starts his journey towards dating men. Amidst the whole exploring, he also takes care of his mother who is suffering from depression. This series not only talks about the LGBTQ community but also gives some real talk about mental health. If you are looking for something to binge-watch this weekend, Please like me will make you laugh and cry at the same time!



Now that we have made your choice for the best LGBTQ content on Netflix more concentric, grab a tub of popcorn, take a day off, have some me-time or a little Netflix date with your special one and enjoy these mind-blowing series right away.

Do let us know your favorite one.



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