Suicide cases are rising in the film industry. With the case of Sushant Singh Rajput where some claim that he has been murdered and others say that he committed suicide, it has really compelled all of us to look at things from a different perspective. There are many celebrities who have committed suicide in the past and many people consider it the only option to escape the turmoil going on in their life. We have made a list of all the Bollywood movies which have taken this subject and highlighted different reasons for people to resort to suicide. Having said that we encourage people to get help and share their troubles with loved ones and really enjoy the beautiful gift of life and live it to the fullest. We all must understand that nothing lasts forever- be it happiness or challenging times.

Bollywood Movies About Suicide


Masaan gathered many positive reviews and the movie starts with two adults attempting pre-marital sex and the stigma attached to it. Police officers raid that hotel room and start threatening both of them. The guy gets so scared that he commits suicide at the very moment.

This is not just the problem in movies many couples face this judgment if they are sharing living space or trying to live life on their own terms. The movie gives a very strong message that some people are fragile and need to be understood rather than being threatened.

3 idiots

3 Idiots was a blockbuster but one scene where a student hangs himself in his hostel room and the words “I Quit” are written on the wall became the talk of the town. The pressure of studies and succeeding takes a toll on a student’s mental health. Depression is a very common problem with the youth and it is the responsibility of the parents and teachers to support the children and letting them know that the world doesn’t end with scoring good marks only. There is so much to look out for in life.

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Scene2: This is the second sequence from the same movie. Raju finds it easier to jump from a building after being bullied by the Dean of the college into turning against his friend. This is definitely not the way to deal with students. And obviously, students must not take too much pressure and learn to let things go.


We are very well aware of the honor killing in India. People kill their children when they want to marry someone of a different caste or religion. Hell breaks loose and people run after them and protect their false reputation. This movie is the story of a couple from different communities who find it easy to kill themselves than run from the group of people chasing them.

They kill each other and this scene is glorified in the movie. Bollywood is still a very strong element in people’s lives, youngsters think that this is the only way to deal with such situations but the truth is, the government has made many laws to protect such couples.

Anjaana Anjaani

Another movie showing suicide is this one starring two of the biggest celebrities of Bollywood- Priyanka, and Ranbir. They both try to commit suicide but are saved at the last moment. The girl wants to die because her fiancè has cheated on her and the boy is not successful. We need to ask ourselves are these issues so hard to deal with that we give away the gift of life.

There is no problem which can’t be solved we just need to give it some time. Yes, it is hard for some time but one door opens when the other one closes.

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Jai Ho

Jai Ho has a beautiful message of helping people but the movie has a suicide scene where a handicapped girl asks people to help her write her exam and when nobody agrees she thinks it is better to end her life and she jumps from the top of a building.

Are academics so important that a person weighs his/her life based on professional success or the marks secured in exams?

Thank You

Infidelity is very common in today’s world. this movie highlights this subject. A husband cheats on his wife and instead of kicking his ass, the girl thinks it is better to end her life. The movie shows the story of such a girl who does everything possible to get her husband back and if she doesn’t she is ready to go back to committing suicide.


The world is full of mean people. But, there is a presence of the good as well we just need to identify it and trust in God’s plan for us.

The movie is based on a blind couple where the girl is raped twice and she doesn’t share it with her husband and hangs herself. This is not the way to punish the defaulters. Yes, standing for the right is a difficult path and requires patience and sacrifices but it is the right thing to do. If people don’t stand up against the odds, the wrong will become more and more powerful.


This was a list of Bollywood movies about suicide and the reasons for the same. We hope that people read this and understand the importance of life and how everything works out in the end and nothing in life is permanent. There is something to learn from every situation. Yes, it is not easy but it definitely is better than ending your life.

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